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Love And Hope Will Get You Through The Darkest Of Days

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Are you going through a tough time right now? All of it just feels unbearable? We get used to the hardships of life but even them, we can face some troubles at times which hurt us like never before.

The smallest of inconveniences will have you crying rivers, or at best, fighting to keep it all inside. So what do we do when we are stuck in such a time? What do we do when life is just too frigging hard to handle?

There are days when we feel the burden of the world. And life seems purposeless. But things won’t stop or work won’t get done by itself. We have to pull ourselves out of this abyss and make the most of the situations.

The best way is appreciation and love. Make an effort to consciously appreciate the things around you. A warm cuppa, a bird chirping, even seeing someone else smile. Try to find the beauty in everything.

Just give your best on the low days. At times, all we can aim for is survival. That’s all we can manage. But don’t forget hope. Tomorrow is always a new beginning so despite all the troubles of today, hope for a better tomorrow.

And with hope comes love. Even when we feel all alone and morose, we must not forget all the love the Universe is sending our way. And you must channelize this love within, to love yourself.

Even when you barely have any strength left, search for the strength to love yourself. Even when someone else leaves, remember that you’ll always have yourself. To love and to cherish.

When people who promised eternities, leave suddenly, it gets difficult for us all. But each end always brings a new beginning. You must seek out these new beginnings instead of wallowing over the past. Let go of the past. Focus on improving your present so that the future will be worth living.

Endings don’t always offer us closure and many still fight for it. Don’t. You have to make peace with your current situation, accept things the way they are, and trust the Universe.

Every incident we go through is meant to enrich our lives, even when they turn sour. Each step in life moves us to a better future. If the last love was so great, can you imagine how great the one approaching would be? So why not prepare yourself for that?

No matter how much we wish for it, life is not picture perfect. Things mess up. But we have the power within to clear all the mess and create a happy space again. It’s a bad day, not a bad life.

Life is so much more than a couple of sad days. Look forward to them and trudge through for the time being. Have faith. Neither sadness nor happiness is permanent. So enjoy while you can and the rest of the time, trust the Universe to plan the best for you.

Once you are at the bottom, there’s no other place to go than the top. So keep your head high and keep loving!

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