Astrology Forecast For March, 2018 ∼ Get Ready For Some Powerful Energies

by Conscious Reminder

It is spring; the season of expectations, longing and emotions and of inspiration. It is that time of the year, when we bask in new energies and create like never before.

So what do the stars hold for us this month, when the chill is slightly leaving the air, leaving behind a balmy calm?

To kick things off there are two full moons or Purnima. One of them would take place in the constellation of Leo and the other in Virgo.

This would make our emotions fiery and like the tides. They will be grounded however by the end of the month.

The two other important astral even that would influence your luck would be the debilitated Mercury and the new moon in Pisces.
The latter is highly instrumental for spiritual awakenings and mystical enlightenments.

In chronological order hence:

March 1st

A new moon in the constellation Leo can mean two things: passion will be on the absolute rise in all spheres and second, you will want to hog attention. Leos, the individual with the sun-sign that is, are known for their selfish want to take the spotlight.

What you need to counter that, is a diversion. By a diversion, we mean a situation that necessitates you to be social. This way, you can keep the best of both worlds.

March 3rd

Venus and Mercury, planets of love and passion will establish themselves in the constellation Pisces. As a result, emotions and passionate creativity will flow into your psyche like running water; effortlessly.

But since Mercury will be retrograde, be careful and wary of falling prey to inarticulate blabbering.

March 7th

The moon enters the constellation of Scorpio today. We all know what individuals of the sun-sign Scorpio are like: jealous and very easily “done” with things. They are passionate in whatever they do, but the passion ebbs very easily too.

With something as strong as the moon being in this constellation, try to keep these debilitating emotions in check. Try and focus on the more positive aspects of life.

March 8th

Mars and Saturn will join in the constellation Sagittarius. This is going to give you war-like intensity whenever the conversation goes towards principles and ideals.

It is always wise to stay away from negative criticism and hostile rivalry at this juncture.

March 9th

Jupiter, the largest planet, will be debilitated at this point. This would make us directionless and confused about ourselves and what we stand for. This is the time to withdraw and look back into yourselves, for inspiration.

Reflect, introspect and learn from your mistakes.

March 17th

Pisces characteristics, namely, originality, spiritual awakening and love will be aggravated in you thank to a new moon that will appear early in the morning. Although it is going to heighten your mystical sense, it is possible that you will phase such harsh things out to enjoy the moment.

The Nakshatra of Purva Bhadra, in which this occurs, will inspire you, continually, every day.

March 20th to March 21st

The moon influenced by Jupiter will enter Aries. Aries is the zodiac of action and hence this is going to be the time when you put your thoughts into the real world, for application.

However be careful of hastiness and overconfidence.

March 22nd to March 23rd

Mercury will be debilitated in the Taurus constellation. This is going to be problematic for you. Mercury debilitated normally stands for being unable to speak your mind or get your thoughts across.

Taurus is all about finance and wealth, so expect problems in the economic sector owing to your issue of misspeaking.

March 24th and March 25th

The moon, along with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will form an aspect in the Gemini constellation. This will give you a lot of ideas but there is also a high chance of too many ideas being crammed into your system.

And given it is Gemini, there is a chance of things taking a turn towards a dilemma.

March 30th

The moon will be in Virgo, facing the sun in Pisces. This will make the end of the month more emotionally grounded than usual and you will be calm enough to learn from your mistakes and rejoice,

This will also be one of the most practical times of the month, when you can apply the lessons you have learnt to your life.

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