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The Difference Between Spirit & Soul No One Speaks Of

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There is some superior machinery that governs our actions and balances the system of this universe. Call it the supreme power or God or anything, but it does exist.

The power under all this is said to be simple consciousness; which gives us energy and power. All of the life forms are thus connected to the supreme power and the fundamental basis of this power is called the ‘Spirit’.

What is Spirit?

  • It is free to appear in any form or shape in this universe.
  • The spirit is beyond the space-time continuum
  • The spirit is ever flowing
  • The spirit never stops growing and it has the ability to regenerate itself.
  • The Spirit refers to all of us. Thus “Spirit’ means all the things of this universe: both inanimate and animated objects.
  • Anything that we are able to perceive is considered to be the Spirit.
  • The Spirit extends itself even more and reaches the area of our consciousness. Consciousness is the indivisible part of us.

What is Soul?

  • Soul is an important part of our spiritual journey.
  • When we are on the journey of our becoming, the Soul ignites within our bodies and tries to establish itself with the ‘Spirit’
  • This happens because our Soul is thirsty and desires to meet the Spirit as soon as possible. This desire drives the Soul towards the Spirit.
  • You have to empower your Soul enough so that it can reconnect to the Spirit.
  • Basically, the soul will start your journey of self-realization.
  • The Spirit is basically the Soul of the Universe.
  • The Soul undergoes change and betterment each time it is born in the universe. This means that the Soul ages.

The important thing to understand in this process is that the idea of Soul and Spirit plays an important role in our lives. Both of these concepts ground us, guide us and help us to understand the material nature of our lives. 

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