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Mercury Goes Retrograde In Aries, March 22nd — April 18th, Bringing Fiery Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

What does retrograde mean?

Retrograde means when a planet starts going back on its path of revolution. Obviously it is not really possible for a planet to change directions mid space. It only looks like that to us, because we are getting a very limited view from our vantage point here on Earth.

Mercury is the habit of going in retrograde the most often. A retrograde planet affects the things that it rules and the things that the sign which it is retrograding in rules.

The Mercury retrograde period of March and April spans from 22nd March to 15th April. The shadow period, starts on March 9th when it strikes the point in the zodiac when it is direct and ends on May 3rd.

There are two periods in this duration at which it is moving at its slowest speeds. They are known as storm periods and occur between 18-29 March and 7-24 April.

The first Mercury retrograde of this year is taking place in the sign of Aries. Aries which is a fire sign; indicates that this period would be one full of flared temperatures. Aries is also always full of energy.

This means that we will feel energized and ready to jump the gun as well. We need to be very discerning otherwise we’ll let our impulses get the better of us. No matter how important or crucial something seems to you at the moment. Do not take any action without pondering over it rationally.

Aries also means that our impulsiveness will lead us to some rather unfortunate mishaps and accidents. Aries would also incite violence in the world because it is closely associated with war. Uranus is just near the end of stay in Aries and that will add the extra flair of rebellion to the mix.

During this period, the Moon will be residing in Gemini. Because Gemini is directly under the influence of Mercury, it will see a lot of turmoil especially when it comes to communication.

There will be a lot of misinterpretations that we need to guard ourselves of. Moon will also move on to Virgo during the retrograde and it will only add on to the overall confusion of the retrograde.

And then, there will be a Blue moon, a second full moon at the end of March that will add even more impulsive energy to the mix. It is crucial that this energy is channeled in a productive manner lest it proves to be destructive when out of control.

The whole period would be a test in patience and impulse control. There will definitely be a lot of energy flooding your life, but if you let it get the better of you, you will regret it the most.

Also, even though no one can remain untouched from this phase of retrograde Mercury, those who were born in the sign of Aries will definitely feel the most of the heat. They need to be extra careful and reign in the excessive energy that they feel.

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