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Mercury & Venus Join Forces In Scorpio December 1st/2nd: Careful With Old Patterns

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury is entering the sign of Scorpio December 1st

The planet Mercury enters in the sign of Scorpio on the 1st of December and it will stay there until the 12th of December. During that time, the communications, as well as the thoughts of people will be intense and more probing. At the time when it was in the sign of Libra, it urged people to find some balance, as well as come up with some good solutions.

Now, being in the sign of Scorpio, the planet is aware that life is not that fair at all. It seeks the truth in everything undercover and hidden. People also tend to observe, probe, as well as focus their thoughts under the influence of this period. Now, they are searching for some motivation – the one which is profoundly buried will be better – as well as for intellectual needs and satisfies.

Their thoughts are also deep. They often throw away some superficial ways of communication for some profound conversations. The sign of Scorpio is an excessively sharp one, as well as analytic and profound. Also, its thinking is probably obsessive and focused.

Venus is entering the sign of Scorpio December 2nd. 

The planet Venus is entering in the sign of Scorpion on the 2nd of December until the 7th of January. The principal focus of this transition is profoundly passionate connections and relationships. The superficial contacts and flirtations don’t really satisfy right now, as people are yearning for the ‘body and soul’ contract with a particular person – a contract which is going to break all the taboos, which is extreme, as well as intense, or which they will never forget.

Actually, this is one extremely emotional situation for the planet of love. The energies within it are sensual, intense, as well as passionate. Relationships will be extremely important to people, and they can even feel like they are consuming them. Actually, they want those relationships to consume them. Their drive is oriented towards some extreme closeness, but the blind trust in their partners is what is quite difficult for them right now.

Being afraid of high vulnerability or giving powers to other people will also be strong during this period. The energy of Scorpio is ‘all or nothing,’ so consequently, relationships will look like riding a rollercoaster.

What to expect

At the time of such influence, some sudden attractiveness is also possible, even though it may not be that powerful. Starting a relationship or financial project under this influence is not quite a good idea at all – wait for those rebellious and uncontrollable feelings to pass and see your honest feelings.

Consequently, of the clash of tastes and values, friendships or group dynamics will also be challenging. Some sudden feelings or event can bring us down, being invisible to our eyes.

The needs of togetherness and comfort will also confront with the wish of being independent and free. But, separating rebellion from some honest necessity for change, will give us the ability to open to some new and different ways of handling with other people who will accommodate the different needs we have in a better way. Now, relying on some old patterns of relation is not going to work.

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