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October Is Here And It’s Time To Restore Your Equilibrium

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by Conscious Reminder

With Libra Season in tow, we would be beset with the Cardinal sign asking us to harmonize the way we live. Not only will it benefit us but also the world around us.

It is easy for a Libra to win any argument simply based on their mental aptitude, but the harmony and the balance which will help the world is more important than simply winning an argument.

Here are 5 ways to balance yourself this Libra season:

Be In The Present

In the present century, filled with technology and smartphones, human interaction or connectivity has taken a hit. While what was once a dance between two people, to find out whether they vibe or not, now has become a mere swipe on Tinder!

The alluring power of Libra is that it helps one forego their need for a virtual intimacy, and move forward with physical and emotional intimacy.

But don’t worry, for the Libra Season is calling up for a short break from media. This will also be partly due to the presence of Uranus in Taurus till 2026, which calls for a reclamation of all things technological and enjoy the spirit of being in the presence of other people.

Take Pleasure

This season is all about embracing the femininity in things. We wouldn’t have to give out toxic masculine vibes just for the sake of it. Try embracing the inner femininity that every human contains.

You don’t have to go full out- simply understand that the Libra season is not much about perfection, as it is about gaining pleasure. You can choose and feast upon delicacies of the highest order, or make and weave clothes that you would wear to parties. It is all about having fun!

Be Happy

We know it is a gross over-generalization of a human’s mood, but you can actually try to be happy. There is nothing that can stop you from actually being happy, but your own self.

In fact, researchers have checked that a heart’s electro-magnetic field actually allows for it to make others happy. So, if you are happy, there is a high chance that you will be able to make others happy too! Also, you would be able to attract similar minded people.

Utilize Your Powers For Healing

This is the time for healing and love. All you can do is surround yourself with things that provide beauty and joy. That will make you very happy. Go to art galleries, go to museums of natural history, go and have pieces of art around you.

Not only will it help you improve your general state of mind, but it will also help you get rid of past wounds. Take people who are close to you, with you. So that they too can share in the fun.

Love Triumphs Fear

The problem with the present century is that we don’t know how to express love properly. We have all the tools at our disposal to scream out the hatred and the fear that we feel. But we are never able to scream out the love that emanates from us.

If only we could use the Libra season to help us start unlearning things that completely change who we are! It has been reiterated by Marianne Williamson, a candidate for the presidency.

So, how do you want to balance yourself, this Libra season?

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