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What Is Spiritual Protection And Why Do We Need It?

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After reading the title, some of you must be thinking, ‘what sort of protection are we talking about?’ Some of you may even be having the question, ‘What is spiritual protection, what is its requirement?’

For answers of such questions, read the article and find out more about protection.

As human beings, we are all placed on this earth in a physical body. Many of us get attached to the soul and therefore come to know that there is a lot more to this life than just the physical body.

I think that we all have been through the situation of standing in a queue and feeling uncomfortable as someone else enters our space. They penetrate our aura and thus our energy field is unprotected. We pick up any energy that they give out.

This energy can be both positive and negative.  But when we are more sensitive to the energies that surround us all the time, it is more important to know what we should do to avoid becoming susceptible to any negativity.

Also, we need to be aware of protecting our energy fields when we deal with other people as healers / media or clairvoyants. We must ensure that we do not take over any unnecessary emotions / problems of others.

How will I know if I am protected or not?

The state of being Unprotected is usually manifested in the emotional and mental bodies. Below is a list of some symptoms that you can feel when your energy field is unprotected:

  • Irritable/losing your temper
  • Drained
  • Nightmares
  • Easily influenced by others
  • Threatened/defensive
  • Fanatical about someone
  • Feeling other people’s emotions/pain
  • Bumping into people
  • Copying or living your life through others
  • On a physical level you can feel pain in the back of your neck, solar plexus (pit of stomach), or wrists.
So how do I build up my protection?

Though there are number of ways with which you can build your protection, here we provide only few of the examples-

  • Keep fit and well
  • Drink lots of water
  • Wear protective colours – for example- gold, silver, violet or blue
  • Wear or carry crystals with a protective quality – for example- Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sugilite, Laramar, Gold Tigers Eye and Hawk’s Eye (blue tigers eye) for psychic protection.
  • Wear or use protective symbols – for example The Egyptian Ankh, Rune symbol etc
  • Visualisation- It will help you convert negative light into positive.

So, remember to stay protected and safe at all times.

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1 comment

Eugene December 8, 2019 - 8:42 pm

Nice to know all this secret in life I wish I could get a guardian angel


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