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Act To Bring That Change In Your Life: Press The Positive Button

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by Conscious Reminder

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

You act as you think. It is the process of our thinking which has created the world around us as we see it.

And you can act to bring about clear and obvious change in every sphere of your life. if we want to change the world, we have to change our way of thinking.

And that will motivate and impel you to act in the right way. Naively, we set out to change the world. And then good sense prevails and we change ourselves first.

You change only after you begin thinking out of your comfort zone. It is only then that you begin to turn over a new leaf. You can act on several fronts to substantiate those changes.

Start With Being Defensive

Take stock of how you conduct yourself every day and identify the fault lines. Start at those points to bring about change. For instance, you could

1. Stop Being Thrifty To A Fault

You pick up the cheapest product that you can buy at the market. You go for generic items but for a change you could take the liberty to splurge on at least one item. This small change in the way you think and act will become the positive counterpoint to the negative vibes in your life. This small step goes a long way in boosting your life.

2. Stop Being Too Conscious About Your Weight

People come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t take size 0 as the gold-standard for perfection. It is instead the standard for anorexia or bulimia. Do not start obsessing over how much you eat every time you stand on the scale. Figure out your ideal size and weight. And now and then purchase without glancing at the label and how many calories you take in. Once in awhile stray from the punishing diet you have subjected your body to and give it a treat.

3. Open Up Your Heart

Do not be guarded or tread cautiously in love. You aren’t walking in a minefield where you could be blown away. You might have been unfortunate in your previous love affair. But it is unfair to measure the present one with the same yardstick. That is being outright unfair. Love thrives on trust and openness. Open up now and then and your partner will appreciate that.

Go On The Offensive

Once in a while, you could act as if you are on the verge of fulfilling all your dreams. Or even better you could act as if you have already achieved what you set out to accomplish in your life. Forcing yourself on the path of positive thinking enhances clear and conclusive expectations. Good things happen to those who dare to dream different and have the courage to act upon it. That is the way dreams are realized.

The world stands aside for the person who knows where he is going. When you begin to think, speak and act astutely, things start falling in place. You have acted wisely and set your life on a positive path.

These small acts of yours will culminate into a cascade of positivity which will release all the potential within you and make your life truly worthwhile.

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