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Tonight’s Libra New Super Moon Will Finally Get Things Moving

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by Conscious Reminder

The Libra New Moon will occur on 28th September. It will bring a little bit of realistic magic in our relationships along with a long hard look at our wounds. Since this is also a Super Moon, you can expect to find yourself feeling its effect more intensely.

There are a lot of possibilities coming in your way during the Libra New Moon. This New Moon is the first in the Libra season and is happening just a week after the wonderful Equinox.

The season is changing – it is either becoming autumn in the Northern Hemisphere or Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s time for transformation.

The fog that had been accumulating over the years will now be drifting away. The skies are moving from personal to interpersonal focus. The focus will mostly be on the Relationship department since the Venus rules Libra.

It will take every partner and couple into account. Balance is the key here and you will try to emphasize on achieving an ideal state. However, harmony is something you chase for – you may not completely achieve it but you can get close to it.

We love to go for harmony. And if harmony is your goal, then there is nothing better than the Libra season to go for it. The work ethics of Virgo season will now give way to an increased focus into relationships, into socializing and communication.

The Goddess of Love, Venus, is all for creativity and Mercury, the messenger god will fall in her sign too.

You will enter into a civil relationship with people and would like to talk over conflicting things with the purpose to find a resolution. You will also find that the dynamics between you and people are changing. Even systemic and tribal-like patterns are starting to change.

Venus is going to challenge Saturn, which is in conjunction with the South Node. This alignment is all about order and traditions and with the challenge of Venus, it will start to alter. Venus is also going to be against Pluto, the planet responsible for unavoidable changes, death, and rebirth.

This clash will have a lot of consequences. Ancient systems that have been set up will be challenged to go through a major transformation.

Women will start to revolt against the patriarchy and try to overpower it. We will treat one other better – with equal status. There will no longer be any oppressive state where one is considered superior.

However, this will draw many concerns. Adjustments are to be made – compromises are necessary. Well, Neptune and Venus will help us on this journey.

For any relationship to last, there must be forgiveness, and sacrifices made to reach a state of transcendence and enlightenment. The Libra New Moon has adjustments put into it from the start.

The transformation will be there and will be necessary, but it will be very practical. The Sun and the Moon are in conjunct with cosmic changer, Uranus, in the stable Taurus sign.

All of them are under the command of Venus. All that you require is a change in your perspective a little bit and look at the world in a different way.

What is the different perspective? You need to take a risk and look at your wounds. You may even gain a long-distant analysis since Libra New Moon will be opposing the Chiron retrograde in Aries. Uranus is traveling with it too, making it a right thing for spiritual growth.

So, consume the freshness that the Libra moon is breathing into the relationships. Be intent and look out for things that are destabilizing the status quo. Join them and bring about change. Best of luck.

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