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The Unusual Symptoms You Are Showing Might Be Signs Of Awakened Kundalini

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by Conscious Reminder

If you are reading about Kundalini awakening that means that you are surely well on your journey of Spiritual enlightenment.

In this journey the first milestone that you will reach is that of your Kundalini being awakened.

When Kundalini is awakened, all the dormant energy that is locked up near the base of our spine, gets unleashes. It is the most powerful source of energy which has been stored with us for decades.

This energy then helps unlock the other different chakras of our body as it focuses its attention up and out.


When the Kundalini is awakened a lot of dormant energy is suddenly released inside our body. And it courses through your entire body. This energy is so powerful that it is easily able to affect all our energy chakras and sending them into hyper overdrive.

This is not very good for our overall balance and harmony within our body. In fact the physical symptoms that we associate with Kundalini awakening are just manifestations because our chakras are in an overdrive.

They range from headaches to blurred vision and nausea, hyperactivity and a racing heart. And thyroid or throat related problems.

Real symptoms which are actually directly a result of awakening are much more positive and pleasant. The most common observation during Kundalini awakening is that people find their senses are extremely enhanced. Be it the sense of touch, smell or taste everything is a lot more intense now.

Also, the excess energy during a Kundalini awakening is mostly targeted at the heart. Our heart is located in such a position that it receives the most of this burst. This means that the qualities which are ruled by the heart chakra also get a boost. That means that we are more loving and kind towards others.

And finally, the most obvious and most important of all signs that your Kundalini chakra has been awakened is your heightened Spirituality. You will be able to see the way all of us are connected and how we transcend this physical plane.

This is a very important step in our journey to a more aware consciousness and ascension in Spirituality.

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