The S*xual Attraction That Draws Twin Flames Together


by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames are souls that have been separated before they reincarnated on Earth. They could be identical in their energies, but they can only be felt if one, or the other twin is at a particular location that is conducive to their being.

Their attraction depends entirely on several factors, and even though they might be entwined with other partners throughout their lives, they would only feel that one pull, with their “other”.

It is said that when twin flames meet one another, there is a connection that forms between them. It might not be felt at that particular moment, but the connection lasts for as long as the twin flames are alive.

They might be poles apart, but they would be enamored with the other’s spirit, and would yearn to be one with them again. They would literally leave everything that they hold dear to get back with their twin, who, in some respect, bring a hint of meaning in their otherwise forlorn life.

When they are in contact with each other later in their life, the magnetic attraction takes effect and the two will simply want to be one again, against all odds that would separate them from the eternal embrace.

Twin flames, would overcome all obstacles, akin to language, location, time, and space, just to be with each other. If one is unable to understand the language, then they would be devoted to learning it.

If one is away, then the other would make it his life goal to be able to leave his current location and go off into the horizon, the perfect knight in shining armour, for his amour.

When they have met each other, dreams of the other plague them. They wake up thinking about them, and their face swims before their eyes when they finally close it at night.

Dreams of being with them, some erotic, some romantic, haunt their nights, and all they want, at that point, is to be with them, in some way or the other, be it physical, or spiritual.

They feel that the world has finally fallen into place when they are in each other’s arms. Things finally start to look up, and they enjoy the little things that nature provides. The twittering of the birds, the first dew on the grass, the sun rising behind the hills.

They are happy, and truly in bliss. Nothing could put a damper on their happiness, for the reason behind it, is in their arms, softly nestled against the crook of their neck.

If the Twin Flames meet, they will feel irresistibly attracted towards each other and this feeling will persist even when the two souls are separated by distance. They would continue to feel physically close right after their first meeting.

These people have experienced challenges all their lives, which makes them coming together all the more beautiful, for they have known true sadness, and their love has withstood the test of time.

It isn’t Ozymandias, suffering from the ravages of time, but it is their true love, and fate, that has brought them together, irrespective of several differences that can come up between them.

What is interesting in the topic of twin flames, is the connection with the number ‘11’. This number highlights the turmoil in their life, and is associated with their birthdays and other important dates that are important to them.

S*xual attraction is different in twin flames for it isn’t all about s*x; it has a manifold aspect to it. It merges the body, the soul, and the mind and it brings a complete turnover to the soul, for it knows what it needs, and who it needs with.

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