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The World Can Finally Access The Age-Old Secrets Of Shamanic Healing In This Medical Center

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by Conscious Reminder

It took all of us a substantial period of time to realize that the world isn’t really a bed of roses and a mere wish-granting factory.

Amidst all the stress that a person is exposed to by his daily life, his mental and physical health gradually succumbs to the toxicity of the world.

And a poor man’s suffering is somebody else’s excuse to rejoice – the pharmaceutical companies.

Despite adapting to the modern medicinal facilities and bio-scientific breakthroughs, the commercialization of the world of medicine hasn’t dampened our wish to keep researching on alternative age-old methods fall back on when things are going off track. And that’s how a major breakthrough has finally been unearthed.

Ayahuasca, a plant, has been known to be the source of a sacred medicine for material and spiritual healing for the last 2500 years.

It is primarily found in the mystical forest of Amazonia. The Ayahuasca roots release an extremely psychoactive substance which is believed to be the node of a major medicinal breakthrough in recent times.

The Ayahuasca is an entheogenic tonic. What is an entheogenic tonic, you ask? The word “entheogenic” is derived from the Greek words “Entheos” (Full of God) and “Genesthai” (To generate, to come into being).

This entheogenic tonic is believed to work on a soul in order to drench out the negativity and inspire it to facilitate a personal experience.

The Ayahuasca, widely known in the native traditions as a powerful spiritual catalyst, has been an effective medicine for the purification of spirituality from the darkness that resides in the very bottom of your sub-conscious mind for optimum output.

The Ayahuasca has been brought to light by a leading medical company in Costa Rica called Rhythmia.

Apart from the Shamanic treatment, this licensed “special treatment” company has other options like spiritual retreat and growth, tropical relaxation and nature adventure.

Conducted in form of ceremonies by world’s leading shamans, the magical journey of the Shamanic treatment has already been recognized as an “unforgettable, fruitful experience everyone should have.”

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