Is There A Ghost In Your Home? Here’s How To Tell Whether It Is Dangerous Or Harmless

by Conscious Reminder

If you are skeptical about the existence of ghosts, let me assure you that they are very much real. Sometimes, souls are not able to transcend to the other world and they stay among the living.

However, they are never aware of what they have become or what they are doing. For most of the while, they are confused and just trying to find a way out of their limbo. That is the reason they haunt/live in spaces which were dear to them during their life.

The reason why we feel emotional distress and energy draining around ghosts is because they have no energy of their own. The only way for them to feel energy, is by absorbing the emotions of the living souls around them. And hence you feel intense emotions in such situations.

Here are a few signs that there is a ghost around you, these signs are of a neutral ghost, the poor soul who is just trying to make it out of this realm:

  1. Everyday sounds, but with no feasible reason for their occurrence. You might hear someone moving around your home, or coughing, etc, even though you live alone. You might hear someone dropping a book or something and when you go look for it, there’d be nothing.
  2. You might have locked all the doors and windows securely before going to sleep, but when you wake up you find the kitchen windows open. This happens because they are trying to escape but are as confused in their attempts as in their existence.
  3. You have been noticing that many of your things keep going missing. Now anyone might be forgetful, but this will be something worth taking notice of. Things would either materialize in some other place or might get lost forever.
  4. Ghosts have electro-magnetic force of their own. So in their presence, electronic devices have a history of going berserk. Lights would flicker, there’d be static on the radio and TV, the microwave might not work and so on.
  5. Animals can actually perceive spirits. So if your cat or dog is acting off, staring at one spot intently or being afraid, chances are they are seeing someone you can’t.

Sometimes, some people are so evil, that they manage to bring this evil energy even on this state. If you have a malicious ghost entity in your home, you need to take action immediately and look for professional help.

Remember, professionals and not just someone who is connected to a religious body etc. Signs of evil ghosts can include-

  • They manifest in front of you, making their presence known. They might take an undefined form, or maybe human or animal shape etc.
  • If things are hovering in the air or moving without anything visible acting on them, the ghost is powerful enough to impact their surroundings and definitely trying to scare you.
  • They would also try to harm and injure you. It usually happens while sleeping and when you wake up you have inexplicable bruises which can be really bad.

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