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Amber: The Great Cleanser Of The Aura

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You must have heard about the varied properties of amber; how it is a very versatile stone that heals various problems. But do you know that it can also be used as an aura cleanser. Read on to find various other uses of Amber.


Amber resin, among others, has the electromagnetic properties that make it an excellent detoxification agent. This detoxification effect results in creating stability in your life. It is also an excellent energy booster that curbs depression and suppresses suicidal thoughts.

The special property that we are discussing today is its role as an Aura Cleanser. It is very effective in bringing the vibrations of higher level in a balance and thus cleaning the space around you of any negative energy. It is believed to be a stone of great wisdom which attracts love, positive energy, luck and health.

Folk Remedies

Amber heals by drawing out ‘dis-ease’ from your body. Its detoxification effect leaves you high on energy and spirit. It helps to heal the throat chakra and it has been found to open up the Solar Plexus Chakra. Thus in all, Amber is great for all sorts of chakra related problems.

Feng Shui

The different positions of amber affect different changes. Eg- in center, it creates a new balance in your health and creates calm. Use it to attract change in your home.

Cleaning the Crystal

Make sure to clean it overtime as it tends to accumulate all the negative energy inside its own body. Clean it with warm water to make it ready for reuse.


Many societies over the course of history have understood the importance of amber and thus it was a main part in many of the Asian and American cultures. It is interesting to know that the ambers can date back to as many as 360 million years old. Its importance can be judged from the name that was provided by Greeks to it -”Sun Gold”. Amber truly has its own place in history.

Hope you were able to understand why amber is pertinent to all of our lives. It might look like just another gem-stone, but it truly is a pack of superpowers!

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