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This Is How To Tell If You Are A Starseed With A Mission To Help Others

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people have sometimes felt like they do not belong here. Many people have sometimes felt like outsiders among humanity. These people belong to the small percentage of people in the world that are called Starseeds.

The Starseeds are actually types of alien-human beings that have different souls and are from different star systems. Their mission here on our planet is to usher in their plans for humanity.

A lot of Starseeds bring with them technologies or other things which were pushing humanity on our planet along quite fast. The breakdown which occurred in the societal connection may be thanks to them. However, it is not just their fault.

However, the truth is that most of us already hold our genetic DNA. To one degree or another, every person is an “alien” or a star.

The Starseeds that haven’t awakened yet are not aware of the true self within them; however, there are specific characteristics which all of them share.

In fact, if the characteristics from below describe us, then we are probably a Starseed that waits to awaken:

We constantly feel like we do not belong.

Starseeds aren’t born with souls from Earth. This means that those of us who are Starseeds will usually find ourselves struggling to comprehend the way in which other people do things.

Usually, we see others as irrational, strange, or chaotic in how they behave – and we even wonder why they are different.

Others regarded us as “old souls” since we were kids.

Old souls don’t only mean Starseeds. Moreover, they mean old human souls. Profoundly within those of us that are Starseeds, there are codes for the missions we have which unlock during awakening.

The code will leak through when we are kids, causing other people to describe us as old souls. Starseeds usually feel older than the human body in which they are.

We are really interested in metaphysics and spirituality.

Starseeds also have an innate understanding when it comes to the Universe’s true nature, and they usually gravitate towards spirituality and metaphysics. But, those of us that are Starseeds usually reject religion, because we individually believe that every religion on our planet feels wrong.

We experienced the paranormal.

A lot of us who are Starseeds first begin delving into the paranormal right after experiences with spirits, or telepathy, or with other different phenomena. In fact, this is probable for us as of our innate connection with the powerful energies of metaphysics of our Universe.

We always feel homesick.

For those of us that are Starseeds, the planet Earth is far away from our home. Although we may not really know unless we awaken, this is the thing that makes us feel homesick all the time – even in our own home too.

We feel better connected to our dreams.

For Starseeds, dreaming is something very important, particularly when they are younger. Usually, it is our way of running away from the real world’s banality. Those of us that are Starseeds experience, otherworldly and vivid dreams which can leave us feeling exhausted when we wake up.

We are aware of the fact that we have a specific mission, but we are not aware of what that mission is.

All of us who are Starseeds have some strange feelings on mind that we are meant to do something important. However, regardless of how hard we rack our brains, we cannot really work out what that thing is.

That’s when we become impatient and want to fulfill our purpose. Regardless of the number of things we try, we are not going to know our mission unless we awaken.

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1 comment

Gary May 26, 2022 - 12:54 pm

“Regardless of the number of things we try, we are not going to know our mission unless we awaken.”

OK. So, how about informing us on exactly HOW we are to awaken? What is to be done?


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