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The Esoteric Meaning Of Easter

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The concept and celebration of Easter predates the Catholic tradition. Even though the world today knows Easter in relation to Catholic traditions and the passage of Christ, but it has many more layered meanings.

But under all these meanings and layers, the one message of Easter remains constant. Easter marks the end of the old – the old tradition, old paradigm, old belief systems and also everything that is old and decaying in our lives. And the ushering in of the new. The rebirth of our world. And our souls.

Easter is in fact the only holy day of Christianity which always falls on the same day. Which is a Sunday preceded by Spring’s first full moon.

This is also very near to the day of the equinox, a day which is considered very powerful from astrological as well as esoteric point of view. Esoterically, this day is marked by an immense outpouring of energy on Earth. But only a handful, high level initiates have the capability to experience its full potential.

But these energies are powerful none the less and have the potential to change the lives of believers and non-believers alike. Thus, this day is very important if you want to bring changes in your life.

It is said that Archangel Raphael looks after the events of this period. He is also the guardian who looks after the Holy Grail. All in all, this is the time to look deep within you and introspect on your good points and bads. Scrutinize your soul and make note of things that need improvement.

Easter also marks the day when the Divine manifested itself among the mortals. This is a great chance to celebrate with God and the holy ghost. But again, only those whose vibrations are high enough to contemplate and perceive the manifestation will be able to enjoy this miraculous event. To be able to receive the Grace of God, we first need to be open and accepting of it.

Astrologically, Easter marks the beginning of a new year.  This celebration is same for many ancient practices, like the pagan, the Wiccan, the shaman and of course esoterics. For example, with respect to the esoteric tradition, this is the time to pursue truth, power and wisdom and all that comes with it, mercy and peace.

Easter is the perfect time for us to strive for our spiritual upliftment because the whole world is full of higher vibrations. At this time, those who are our generation’s masters incarnate; wake up to their divine duty. Easter is also the celebration of spring, of nature and renewal of life.

The divine feminine gives life to everything and the Easter eggs are just one of the many symbols of fertility. Different cultures have different traditions associated with Easter.

Hindus celebrate it in the form of Holi, people in Belgium and France don’t ring any bells because they are supposedly carrying the eggs from Rome. Bulgarians too have their own unique celebration of Easter.

The contemplating week of Easter

Wednesday- Marks the day of betrayal by Judah. This is the day to think about your flaws and sins.

Thursday- The day of the last supper, when we contemplate on the transubstantiation and transmutation of matter.

Friday- The day of the crucifixion of Christ. We will have to learn to carry the burden of our own sins. Practicing silence and meditation and fasting might provide the much needed enlightenment.

Saturday- This is the day when the physical world and the Spiritual world come together.

Sunday- This is the day of rebirth. The day when we find ourselves in the splendour of the divine light.

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