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Harvest Full Moon Rising In Pisces Sept 13/14: Get Ready For The Powerful Energies Of Metamorphosis & Growth

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon in September would be on the 13th-14th of the month. It would have the power to bring about a massive transformation in one’s life.

Since it also falls just before the Equinox, it is also called the Harvest Moon.

As the name goes, we need to harvest what we had sowed back in June, during the Solstice. The rewards that we deserve from the Universe would be found now.

Since this Harvest Moon is all about cleansing oneself, if there is something that you refuse to take to your new phase in life, you can simply leave it there.

Pisces is the zodiac associated with water. This sign is mostly emotional and sensitive, which the Full Moon adds to. Now, when both these uber-sensitive astrological bodies mix together, one would find unresolved issues coming up and forcing you to deal with them.

The trick is to never control your emotions- simply let them breeze through. For if you are not hell-bent on conquering your emotions, you would see that these passing feelings are easy for you to get ahead of, and these are quite possibly lessons from the Universe that we would do well to understand.

In case you are panicking about how life has turned out to be, remember that Pisces is also the ruler of our feet. So, always go out and walk on the grass, or think about your limbs supporting your frame.

Since this Moon is also near to Jupiter squaring Neptune, we would be illuminated on certain aspects of our lives. Aspects that will give us the information about what is, and what appears to be. Who knows, you might come across a wildly accepted truth and find that it was a lie all along.

We could be as observant as we want to be, but we would never understand even 1% of what life is, or how life works.  Now, we can either accept defeat and be dejected about life itself.

Or we can take up the challenge to know more, and use our adventurous spirit to make something out of it. The lesser we know, the more open we would be.

All these, simply for us to understand and acclimatize to the changing scenarios that the Full Moon heralds. For, things change, don’t they? What you perceived to be the truth yesterday, might not be today.

What you thought to be yourself, isn’t necessarily you tonight. Truth is ever-changing, and one can’t afford to be rigid in the wake of it.

Interestingly, the sign for Pisces has always been a couple of fishes swimming in opposing directions.

Now, one might think that they are going along their own merry way, but they are actually connected to one another, through a cord which is spiritual. They have intrinsic knowledge of what the other believes in or thinks.

Whilst representing the concept of Yin and yang, they also represent the higher realms of consciousness.

The first fish swimming in a downward fashion, asks us to stay grounded, whilst the other fish swimming upward, tells us to embrace the freedom that comes from soaring high in the sky. It teaches us to experience life in its entirety, without an illusion in place.

It is important to stay grounded. But it is also important to accept the unknown and to realize that we would forever be enmeshed in life’s intricacies without ever realizing what we are into. Use the Full Moon to shine a light on these ideas and see what you can do about it.

One cannot simply focus on the spiritual world and forget about physical reality. Similarly, you can’t just focus on the physical and forget the spiritual.

Things have to be in tandem, for you to truly live the life you were meant to. You need to understand that we are more than our bodies, or our minds, or even our thoughts.

We might be living in a material plane and experiencing all the physical manifestations of reality, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t fully experience life, keeping our feet on the ground while soaring in the open sky.

The only way one can tackle this Pisces Full Moon is by realizing that you still have a long way to go in your journey to attain spiritual contentment.

And while life will continue showing you where you went wrong, you need to take that as an adventure, and not as a rebuke.

Be open to what you experience, and you would live a well-earned life.

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