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No Roommates, No Parents: Living Alone Will Improve Your Life Immensely

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We are all used to live together with our families and loved ones, but when it comes to moving out on our own, it will be a terrifying experience for us, at first. However, as the time will pass, we will think about if we can actually live with someone ever again.

A lot of people take this particular mindset and choose to live alone. A person will not believe it until he or she experiences it.

Here are the ten reasons why living alone is drastically going to improve our lives:

We start to understand our capabilities.

This seems impossible for people who never lived on their own. Because, just one person cannot do everything, right? Well, although it will not be easy, we are going to realize that we are more capable and skillful than we thought. Also, if asking for advice or help in our past was hard for us, we are going to learn to, which is really something good.

It tunes our skills for making decisions.

When we live with our partner, we are not obliged to make calls constantly; however, when we live alone, making calls is an essential thing. It will be hard to adjust ourselves to this, but after some time, we may also find that we became adjusted to the perk.

We face many fears.

This is one of the most challenging things when it comes to living alone. We fear being attacked or mugged, and living alone, particularly in city areas, will be terrifying at the beginning. Later on, we will walk through some dark alleys confidently without being afraid.

We start to love living alone.

When living alone, we have the ability to walk around in our underwear, eat ice cream instead of breakfast, and so on. This is probably the best possible part of living alone. We can do whatever we want, and there will be no one to say something about it.

We may decorate or not decorate at all.

This is another favorite part of living alone, as we will finally express ourselves as we want. We are not all decorating lovers, so we can simply leave it as it is, or forget to clean up the mess we made too.

We will have a much better relationship with our friends and family.

We will focus on the things that matter the most to us. As a result of this, we would realize that our family and friends are really important, and also that we have to value the relationships we have with them.

We will love living alone if we are introverts.

We will feel like we are living our best life. There will not be a company that we would like to avoid, which also means that we do not need to feel stressed about seeing individuals we don’t even know.

We get the whole bed for ourselves.

We can sleep in any position we would like to and take all of the covers only for ourselves. This is the win-win combination.

No one will destroy our belongings or eat our leftovers.

This one should not even be clarified. We will not miss the people that eat our leftovers.

We realize that we can do everything and get through everything that life throws on our way.

The most beautiful and freeing feeling in the world would have the ability to take proper care of ourselves. We should not worry about the rent or the bills, plus for the groceries, because we can pay them all. We can even take care of our pets. 

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