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The White Cat Symbolism: This Is What The White Feline Represents

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by Conscious Reminder

A symbol of all things pure and clear, the color white has been revered by many. Similarly, white cats are also symbols of joy, integrity and luck.

Cats are generally patient, free, independent, sensual, mysterious, curious, and seen as symbols of reincarnation. They love adventure and when they aren’t on some exploratory mission, they are asleep.

Keep reading to find out what white cats mean.


Most cultures believe that cats possess nine lives and symbolize a fresh start. White cats also indicate this and are also seen as a sign of good fortune. All over the worlds they are seen as very positive. If you are lucky enough to see one, you will be successful in all your endeavors that day. But in some areas, they are seen as indicators of bad luck, especially in the United Kingdom.

Shy and calm

These cats are more reserved and quiet. They symbolize everything tolerant and controlled. Those who own white cats will be more resilient and will be able to take on life’s challenges.

Money and prosperity

When white cats come to where you live, you can expect a fresh inflow of cash from somewhere. People believe that more and more good fortune will come your way as time passes.

Sign of achievements

In most areas around the Mediterranean, people believe that if there are children who are well liked by white cats are good kids who will achieve great things in life.


White cats sleep a lot so if you spot one, it is probably time for you take some time out and release. It tells you that rest is necessary and you shouldn’t forget that.

Support and healing

These cats are meant to give us support. They are deeply connected to the natural and spiritual realms and possess great healing powers. They might look small and pretty but they are actually very powerful.

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