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August Numerology: The Power Of Number 8 (Infinity)

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by Conscious Reminder

We are in the midst of an intense year that has brought drastic changes. We are in the eighth month of the year, and the energies are not cooling down any time soon.

According to Numerology, number 8 is considered the source of abundance and power. You can use this energy of number 8 to inspire yourself and those around you. This is the month to reach out to people and take a stand for your decisions.

The Infinite

When turned on its side, the number 8 turns into the infinity symbol. While in mathematics it has its own significance, in the spiritual world, it represents limitless possibilities. Limitless beauty, limitless love, limitless balance. How are you going to tap into this limitless energy this August?

Numerology of August

The theme of each month is decided by calculating the current month and year, which is added to one’s birth day and month. When you add your birth day and month to the current year, you get your personal year number. This personal year number then represents the theme of the current year for you.

If you’re born on 3rd May,

3+5+2+0+2+0=12 ~ 1+2= 3.

Hence, your personal year number would be 3 for 2020.

Now, if you add the number of the month, say 8 for August,

3+5+2+0+2+0+8=20 ~ 2+0= 2.

Hence, your personal month for August would be 2.

This implies that the personal month theme will keep changing with each month in a year.

Time For Some Calculations!

If you have got a hold of the personal month and year numbers, start calculating with your own birth month and day. Here are all the numbers and what themes they will bring for you this August:


1 is the representation of leadership and new beginnings. If you get this theme, it is time for you to take action and find a new path. It could be related to your work, where you consider making a drastic change, or it could be related to the home, where you consider moving to a new place.


If you get 2 as your number this August, this will be the time to make some strong connections. It can be a romantic connection or professional connections that will lead you to your goal.


Number 3 is associated with creativity, and that might be your energy for this month. Let your creative juices flow and express yourself through music, art, writing, or whatever else best suits you.


If you are on the personal theme of 4 now, August is bringing you something new. You could start a new project at work or do some interior designing and revamp your home. You will be looking out for new opportunities wherever you are.


Number 5 will ignite the desire to seek freedom. You want to take action and make some changes that will set you free in life.


Themes of the heart come into focus with number 6. Think of ways to reach out to people who you know are lonely. Don’t just barge into their lives, be sensitive to their needs, and help them.


Spiritual non-conformists relate to number 7. You might find an answer that was not so obvious. Meditation and nature walks can help you reach into the unknown where such answers lie.


Number 8 is about empowerment and grabbing whatever opportunities one gets. You want to be bold now and lead others to better days.


Themes of completion and transformation come with number 9. Look at the things in your life that need to be transformed. If you have pending projects, this is the month to get them done.

Master Numbers

When adding the digits for your personal year and month numbers, you can reach some double numbers like 11 or 22. These are Master Numbers that carry twice the power of the individual digits.

If you find it to be 11 this August, remember that 11 is associated with ideas and inspiration. This inspiration can lead you to your goals, or you can channel it to help others reach their goals.

Those with Master Number 22 will be completely focussed on connecting with others to restore balance. August could find you that perfect partner you were in search of, or you could move towards a career where you get to experiment with innovative ideas.

So, what is your personal number for the eighth month of this year? Find out and make the most of this powerful month!

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