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Is Spiritual Growth Causing Your Headaches And Migraines?

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by Conscious Reminder

Spiritual energy is everywhere and it impacts our lives in a variety of ways. They can also be the reason behind things like serious and persistent headaches. 

Of course, there are many other physiological causes behind your migraines but some might occur because of spiritual reasons. Keep reading to know more.

Spiritual root of migraines

Every time something goes wrong physically because of a spiritual reason, it is because the kundalini energy is not balanced. There might be a block or extreme stimulation and it might happen in quite a few of your chakra centers.

Similarly, a migraine might be because of increased stimulation of the third eye. This is the place in our body from which our senses originate.

If your sensitivity to light and noise is heightened and you feel a weight around your eyes, then you must focus on being healed spiritually.

Third Eye Chakra Migraines

There are a lot of components in this healing process. To alleviate the pain, start meditating.

It won’t be easy to fall into a state of calm when your head is pounding but stay strong and you will soon be pain free. However this is just a temporary measure. It doesn’t get to the heart of the matter.

Third Eye Spiritual Healing

Pick up perfumes and essential oils that will soothe your chakra. Healing crystals like amethysts and lapis lazuli also work.  But this will not be enough unless you change the way you live.

This extra stimulation might be happening because you are moving too fast and facing a lot of stress. You might be over burdened with work so take a step back and assess all that you have going on.

Healing the migraine itself is only a short term measure but changing your habits is essential if you wish to be free of them for good. Purify the energy that flows within you and expel all that is toxic.

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