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Scorpio Full Moon On April 29th: Taming The Passionate Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

April’s full moon occurs on April 29th at 8:58PM ET in Scorpio. While the new moon in Aries on April 15th brought a lot of enthusiastic energy, the full moon in Scorpio will bring plenty of emotions.

We can be more passionate, which can help to fuel us, but it can also make us moodier, more sensitive, and prone to fits of rage. We need to have healthy outlets for our emotions, and try not to get obsessed, something Scorpio loves to have us do.

We may become aware or something below the surface, something mysterious may come to light, or we may see the culmination of research and investigation. We can work on transformations for the better, and we may need to shed something important. From the ashes, the phoenix rises.

The full moon is sextile (positive aspect, two signs away) Saturn in Capricorn. This can help us to focus some of this passionate energy in a more disciplined way, and work on making use of it for the goals we’re invested in.

We can work on taking the intensity we have and trying to be smarter about it. Maybe because we don’t think too much with the new moon energy, we want to be a little more strategic with this full moon energy!

This Full Moon is in Water sign Scorpio. It is also a very fortunate Full Moon because it makes a conjunction with Jupiter. It will make people more generous, with an accent on compassion, empathy and consolidation.

Both the full Moon and Jupiter trine Neptune in Pisces. Don’t be surprised if you have vivid dreams full of answers to your questions. Also, the Scorpio Full Moon will stimulate the artist in you, getting you inspired for all kinds of creative work.

Another interesting change some of you may feel is the increased sensitivity to your environment, and the feng shui of your surroundings. There’s interest in psychic and spiritual ideals, and sympathy for the underdog that’s in synch with the values of this Dog year.

To keep life grounded and balanced, all in Earth sign Capricorn are Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. Mars conjunct Pluto brings ambition, yet success is achieved through working for the common goal, not an individualistic power play.

Still,the focus is more on the spiritual aspects than material. The signs that will experience the strongest emotional transformations are Water signs Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer.

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