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Tonight’s New Moon In Virgo Is All About Starting Anew

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by Conscious Reminder

The 2022 New Moon in Virgo promises clean sweeps and fresh starts accompanied by gusto.

The moon will be extremely intellectual, supportive of discerning and analytical approaches, and ignoring emotional bothers and fuss. Virgo is known for assessing while trying to better something. As such, it encourages noticing details, enforcing boundaries, and organizing.

It’s Time To Get Back To Work

On that note, the upcoming lunation in Virgo will call for a return to our place of work, be it an office or school, regardless of the season in the place. The atmosphere is very appropriate for tidying up, getting serious, cleaning up our habits or environment or diets, and returning to neat routines.

It might sound boring. However, it can bring sanity and a sense of grounding back into our lives. This is very appealing following quite a long time filled with upheavals. A simple act like doing our dishes may be all we need to lighten our moods. It can even make us clearer on our other issues.

We will also have plenty of motivation to help with this. The New Moon in Virgo will bring pep talks along with a cheering section set up by the cosmos – all pushing us to take action on our ideas.

The Moon and Mars will form an exact square which means projects and ideas are bound to progress. Squares generally demand action, and Mars is closely related to action.

Furthermore, Mars is currently residing in Gemini. This means a lot of messaging and conversations, flooded data streams, and a call for multi-tasking and juggling. It also has a fair bit of fighting words and arguments.

Mars entered Gemini on August 20th. As such, a week later, the New Moon in Virgo will be the actual start of his duty, lasting a rare 7 months.

Gemini and Virgo are both changeable, flexible, and mutable. However, while airy Gemini can phase in and out of sight without a moment’s notice, earthy Virgo exists very much at the moment and is strongly grounded.

The collision involving the New Moon and Mars will provide tangible, practical forms to our campaigns and ideas. As such, they may come to fruition during the remainder of this year or even further beyond.

Mercury And Jupiter’s Influence

This does not mean that the clash will be extremely challenging. Both of these heavenly bodies will be answering to Mercury. Currently, in Libra, Mercury will form a semi-sextile with the Moon. This aspect is uncomfortable and it asks us to find fresh and improved methods of confronting situations.

However, it might not be unpleasant or difficult to face up and talk since Mercury and Mars will also form a trine. This usually makes collaboration, conversation, and information flow easier.

All this adds to a bigger and mushrooming quality. Neither Mercury nor the Moon has very flowing contacts with Jupiter. The Moon forms an inconjunct while Mercury is situated exactly opposite.

The former makes a rather convoluted path, and the latter produces frustration and tension. However, neither of them will have dramatic or onerous impacts. As such, Jupiter will most probably encourage us to take more daring initiatives.

Working with the New Moon in Virgo involves reading, talking, and making lists of things you need to do. We must organize our information sources, mind, daily routine, and diet.

We should seek to talk more and follow up on what we say. We can also try to collaborate and begin energizing projects which have seemed too daunting so far. We must keep our knees loose to be prepared to adapt and improve if and when our circumstances shift.

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