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5 Things About Your Love Life You Should Keep A Secret

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A relationship is a connection between two people and them alone.

Though both of them are unique individuals and have every right to their hobbies and friends, what happens between the two, should ideally remain between them.

Although it is natural to want to share some of the highs and lows of your relationship with your trusted friend, but some things are sacred and should not be disclosed to any third number.

They are:

1. What happens in your bedroom-

Your Sex life should always remain between you and your partner at all costs. You might be tempted to spill some beans to your friends when in an exceptionally giddy mood or while being angry, but doing so will come back to bite you in the ass, sooner or later.

2. The flaws of your partner-

It is only human to have some setbacks and errors. But your partner has trusted you when they decided to let you in on their vulnerable side. No matter how angry or irritated you might be with them, do not betray this trust. It will give them a reason to put their walls up again and you won’t have a natural relationship.

3. The fights-

There can be no long term relationship without a few fights sprinkled here and there. But a happy couple is one who resolves them with understanding and moves on. Discussing them with your friends, trying to get their sympathy and support about how you were right is only going to make things worse.

4. Matters of finance-

Everyone has money troubles. And if you are in a serious relationship then you need to discuss those with your partner. It could be asking for their advice or even telling them to contribute more towards the overall budget of your mutual spending.

5. Something they have trusted you with-

No relationship can survive unless there is trust between the two partners. If your partner entrusts you with certain information, which is very important to them, and you divulge it to a third party, then this is an affront not just to your partner, but the relationship as well.

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