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Crystals For The Traumatized & Suffering

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The Triclinic System of Minerals 

Have you felt the brutality of life? Are you constantly fearing the next barrage of hurt, pain, and loss? Does your search for happiness often end in despair?   Have you lost faith? These are the questions of those who are suffering from traumas of any kind, emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. Traumas leave energetic imprints that replay in your mind, spirit, or body endlessly until they can be faced, healed, and transformed. The triclinic minerals are devoted to helping the traumatized transform. They offer a combination of spiritual grace and mental tenacity to provide the personal integrity required to overcome the worst behaviors of humanity with the most compassionate responses of the Soul. Correlated with the element ether transmitted by the dodecahedron of the Platonic Solids, triclinic minerals facilitate the connection to the Soul. In so doing, they promote the ability to access a spiritual understanding, a sense of meaning and purpose, to that which looks and feels senseless. The triclinic minerals then take that spiritual awareness and bring it into the mental body through the assistance of the octahedron of the Platonic Solids. The octahedron transmits the element of air. It creates the mental space in which to re-conceptualize that which was initially experienced as awful into something purposeful and possibly even good. Containing the inner structure of the trapezium, triclinic personalities have a stable base, but when their lives are turned upside down, there goes their stability, but only until they can turn themselves back around. There may be people born with this personality structure. But most likely, people exhibit this personality structure because they have literally been victimized by life. This is their attempt at self-defense.

You may be initially drawn to a triclinic mineral because you need to feel safe and protected. Chaorite and rhodonite can slow down the fear and panic that trauma creates. Amazonite and labradorite assist in creative problem-solving so the path to freedom becomes possible. And you may focus upon a triclinic mineral because you need to understand why what happened to you occurred. Kyanite and turquoise facilitate spiritual connection which helps you to embrace compassion and open to the power of forgiveness. These hardworking triclinic minerals also soften the hardened and comfort the broken, promoting the evolutionary flow of personal development. Because these minerals systems outline specific ways of processing electromagnetic energies, they help us to define the specific groups of behaviors, thought patterns, types of beliefs, and connection to memories which coalesce into certain personality styles. Let’s look at how a triclinic personality approaches and experiences life.

The Triclinic Personality Timing will ultimately be in divine order for those with triclinic personalities. But in the moment of crisis or in the living of a personally volatile lifestyle, time is subjective. The memories of times past are immensely powerful and the fear of times to come can be crippling. The triclinic personality is by nature spontaneous, fueled by a topsy-turvy sense of exploration and possibility. This spontaneity is wonderful if your experiences are life-giving and filled with opportunity. These individuals enjoy the synchronicities in life. They faithfully embrace the blessings to come and easily adjust to the goodness that greets them anywhere and from anyone. They appreciate the journey to self-fulfillment and flow with its ups and downs. They are spiritually connected and astute, such that they make wonderful mediums, psychics, and even soul-readers. Their spiritual foundation allows them to embrace the inconsistencies of life with optimism, making the best out of every circumstance. They embody the spiritual strength that the dodecahedron transmits and often develop clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

However, if a triclinic individual was born with a negative and pessimistic stance toward life, life never gets better, and indeed can grow much worse. Without a spiritual connection, the difficulties that triclinic individuals face become insurmountable, leading to depression, apathy, and despair. Once they see life as hurtful or dangerous, they continue to attract the situations, relationships, and environments that reinforce their vulnerability to attack and injury. The life of an addict epitomizes the crushing loop of self-destruction that triclinic personalities may endure. They may try to overcome a limitation or weakness, climbing up the hill to self-efficacy, only to fall on their way to the summit, or down the mountain of relapse once they have reached the summit. Bill W., the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), understood the critical need for spiritual guidance when he created the life-altering twelve-step program. It utilizes the invocation of a Higher Power to overcome obstacles to sobriety. The Higher Power of which those in AA, Narcotics Anonymous, and Overeaters Anonymous call upon has saved millions of lives and improved the lives of millions more who love and care about the recovering addicts living in their homes. Triclinic personalities can access and utilize the strength of their souls, to focus their minds, in order to change their behaviors, to embrace the happenings of life with gratitude and joy.

Of critical importance in the manifestation of the triclinic personality is this unfortunate truth: you do not have to be born into this expression to have its qualities appear in your life.   The triclinic personality structure can be experienced as a sub-personality based upon a traumatic event such as physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, criminal attack, and war. The unpredictability of terrorist attacks traumatize the citizens of each nation tormented by such intense violence, and spread fear throughout the world. Secondary traumas are facilitated by the accessibility of violent images and messages through the internet and social media. These traumas may be short-term experiences with long-term consequences, or long-standing circumstances whose consequences reveal themselves in the expression of triclinic personality traits. The demeaning aspects of poverty and the consequent vulnerability it brings to physical injury and criminal activity, also promote the devastating effects of the triclinic personality. Anyone suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder is going to experience the emotional volatility, mental preoccupations, spiritual despair, and physical fatigue associated with the triclinic personality. Additionally, these post-traumatic feelings may also emerge from the recollection of past-life traumas that are interpenetrating this incarnation. Senseless violent and aggressive behaviors that deaden the human heart, mind, and body are tragic. But there are compassionate, forgiving, and unconditionally loving responses that can heal any wound, from any lifetime. The saving grace of the triclinic personality is the strength to choose spiritual responses to the unimaginable and heal. Not only is faith restored, it is renewed, and the power of love triumphs.

The Triclinic System of Minerals includes: Kyanite, Chaorite, Rhodonite, Turquoise, Amazonite, Labradorite, Wollastonite, Axinite, Sunstone, Albite
Depending upon where triclinic personalities are on the ups and downs of their lives, determines which minerals are most required. In the more dire moments, labradorite and turquoise offer protection while promoting creative problem-solving. When out of immediate danger, amazonite and chaorite provide the calming energy required for the auric field to heal and re-integrate. Wearing these stones on the body in rings, bracelets on the left wrist or in pendants over the heart is most helpful. However, these pieces of jewelry need to be cleaned in water or with sage oil, or even incense, after being worn. They have spent the day absorbing negativity for you and need a bath.   Kyanite is an excellent remover of emotional trauma when run vertically through an individual’s auric field while either standing or laying down. Unfortunately it is too fragile to wear in a pocket. Black kyanite placed in toxic environments will help to detoxify the space. All of these stones facilitate soul awareness and will guide you into hope during meditation. If running is your meditation, then wearing a ring or bracelet when jogging around will offer the same effect. For all those who have endured trauma, creating an altar space with any of these stones creates a visible point of rest, faith, and hope. The deeper the traumas the bigger the stones should be to negate the debilitating effects. These are just a few suggestions on how to utilize some of these triclinic minerals. As you further research each stone for your life, new applications will appear.

Ray Three –Intelligent Loving – The colors are Light Pink to Deep Ruby
For those who have been traumatized, the greatest medicine is compassionate and unconditional loving. It is the only energy strong and soft enough to heal broken bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.   In this way unconditional loving is intelligent, attentive, effective, and mystical in its capacity to heal. The Creator offers us access to the power of intelligent loving through the tender pink energies of the third ray. Supporting the ability to adapt to situations, develop harmony, and work towards personal fulfillment, the third ray energies provide the spiritual and mental guidance necessary to intelligently love. It is not enough to feel love. You have to know how to positively utilize your capacity to love to create desired outcomes.

The Archangels Chamuel and Charity radiate unconditional loving into any environment in which they enter. The freedom from judgment and condemnation that arrives with them, create the opportunity for forgiveness to become a reality. For the broken hearted, forgiveness is many times the only way to actively love. In such moments of grace, unconditional loving has given birth to new life, or restored the life that was waning away in pain and negativity. Ask Chamuel and Charity for a pink ray shower and feel yourself soothed in the tenderness of love, and open to the possibilities ahead.

The Ascended Master Serapis Bey, who was the Egyptian Pharoah Amenhotep III in a past incarnation, offers you his assistance in your soul-embodiment on the Earth. As the keeper of the Ascension Flame, he seeks to guide humanity into their ability to consciously unconditionally love as enlightened human beings on this fifth dimensional planet. Those who have experienced the worst of humanity and dig deep within to connect to their higher selves not merely to overcome the past, but to create a new future, are the hope and embodied vision of humanity. Ask Serapis Bey to be at your side as you build your fifth dimensional lifestyle.

To experience the art of loving on the Earth, Ascended Master Paul the Venetian, offers you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty in life and particularly, in your life. As the great Italian Renaissance artist, Paolo Veronese, he utilized art to bring enlightenment to the world during the Spanish Inquisition and created a technique for pigment preparation for preserving paint that allowed his colors to radiate with magnificence. Ask him to help you embrace your inner artist so that wherever you are and however you are experiencing your life, you can bring a stroke of beauty into it.

The Elohim Orion also serves on this ray. As the birthplace of stars, let Orion help you to discover your celestial origin, to embrace the reality of your Soul and assist you in living from your spiritual essence and not your human ego. You are indeed made of the elements of the stars and supported by the radiation of our Sun. Let the sunshine of your Soul shine the way to your fulfillment. In the radiance of the Sun, all negativity is simply burnt away. All that remains is pure light radiant with the power to support life. The Elohim Heros and Amora are also at your assistance as you embrace the power of loving living within you. Let all those serving on the third ray support the emergence of your soul-embodied healthy, happy, and abundant life.

Ray Nine – The Ray of Radiant Wisdom – The color is Blue Green.
Those who experience the disorientation and fragmentation of trauma are in need of profound healing. The ninth ray provides the willpower necessary to heal from any circumstance or relationship by understanding what needs to be healed and why. It promotes the experience of understanding the tests and lessons your Soul has provided to facilitate or accelerate your evolutionary development into an unconditionally loving and soul-embodied human being. Ascended Lady Master Mother Mary is at your service on this ray. She does indeed know how to overcome trauma and human drama for she gave birth to her son Jesus the Christ while traveling and had to escape to a foreign country to keep him alive. Then she witnessed his crucifixion at an early age and the subsequent persecution of those early Christians trying to follow his example of loving service. Yet in the midst of all of this chaos, she carried the experience of multi-dimensional unconditional loving in her womb and it changed her. Every cell of her body felt and knew the power of forgiveness, grace, hope, and spiritual triumph. Let her help you find this in yourself.

Archangel Aragon and his angels are devoted to helping you embrace the truth of your behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, and memories that keep physical pain alive. They radiate the power of healing into your auric field when you call upon them to truly remedy that which has caused illness and discomfort in your life. They are also quite funny and through humor help you to move through the deep, intense, and heavy until all that remains is light. Archangel Adonel also offers you his calm presence as he radiates clarity into your mental body, leading you to the best treatments and supplements to support your health.

The celestial Light Beings of the star system Pleiades, the Pleiadians, hold the template for the physical manifestation of the human species on Earth. They helped to create humanity and they continue to support our development. Through their Healing Chambers technology you can access this multi-dimensional healing modality to complement any other medical treatment you are currently undergoing. In meditation you simply ask to be taken to one of the Pleiadian Healing Chambers and allow the process to unfold. When it is complete you simply come out of your meditation. There are many kinds of chambers designed for specific ailments whether they be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or personality based.

To learn more please consult The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka by Amorah Quan Yin.

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