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People Make These 10 Law Of Attraction Mistakes Most Of The Time

Make The Law Of Attraction Work In Your Favor And Turn Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

by Conscious Reminder

There have been many stories of how people who believe in the law of attraction have gotten everything they wished for. But the thing is that you need to know how to utilize it properly. Just knowing the definition will not do.

Here is how you can use it to become:


If you have been trying to get healthy and find it frustrating that you are still not able to make significant changes in your life; you might be going about it the wrong way. First of all set clear, explicit goals that you seek to achieve. Law of attraction works only when we know what we want.

Next, surround yourself with the kind of energy that will be appropriate for your goals. If you want to lose weight and have even started on a diet- browsing through food accounts on Instagram won’t help. Be consistent and reinforce healthy choices in every little action.


 Again, just hoping that you will become rich doesn’t mean that you will find some buried treasure. You need to have concrete goals. These could be saving a certain amount every week, or a goal of buying a particular thing in the next 6 months etc.

Positive reinforcement is a must. Keep reminding yourself of your goals. And don’t make it sound like a task that you need to do. Say it like something that is bound to happen. As natural as February follows January. Don’t say “I have to pay my debt off by next year.” Rather repeat to yourself, “By next year I would have paid off my debt.”


The fact that you are working on incorporating the law of attraction is sign enough of you becoming wiser. Again, don’t forget stating out clear goals- such as learning a new language by next year etc.

Surround yourself with things and people which will help further this goal. Everyday make sure you do something, either small or big to contribute towards your goals.

Remember, just wanting something is not going to be enough. You have to work towards it too so that the universe knows that you are serious about it.

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  1. The Law of Attraction is an interesting thing. Either you believe in it or you think it’s complete crap. For those that believe in it’s power, they won’t find it hard to believe your tale of manifestation.

    One of the keys to getting what you want with the LOA is positivity. If you keep a clear mind and keep it positive, you’ll attract that desire faster. When you are negative, however, you change the focus of your attraction to that negative thing.

    Think about when you are late to work some morning. What are you thinking? “Oh, not another red light!” “Please don’t make the train be crossing…” “I hope traffic isn’t at a stand still at X road…” All negative, right? You are thinking about that negative and what happens? You get exactly that… a red light, a train crossing, and or traffic stopped up for blocks.

    But, in your case, you are thinking about positive things and focusing on good thoughts surrounding your desire. That way of thinking pulls those desires to you.https://tinyurl.com/yczymu79 if you believe in the Law of Attraction, you will find this useful!


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