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6 Star Signs With Really Addictive Personalities

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by Conscious Reminder

Our Zodiac signs lay the foundation of our personality. Our approach towards life and our habits and quirks are all defined by our Zodiac signs. Therefore, they also hold the answer to our addictions.

If we analyze a person’s Zodiac sign we can find out if a person has any addiction like excessive coffee or alcohol drinking, too much shopping or drugs. The following 6 Zodiac signs are more prone to have high addiction possibilities.

1. Gemini

This sign seems to be the most prone to addictions. They seem to fail to control themselves and can’t say no. Often you’ll find Gemini in your life who can’t control their habit of hoarding stuff or go out of control in parties. The advantage of their addictive side is that they have had it for so long that now they have become experts. They can easily handle their addiction without jeopardizing their life.

2. Taurus

The first trait that comes to our mind when we think of Taurus is stubbornness combined with a pleasant nature. They are easily manipulated by peer pressure and can’t refuse anybody. Also once they begin to like something, they refuse to let go of it, which hints at addiction.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios undergo a false sense of control. They entertain a false ideal that everything is under their control and therefore turn their back against understanding their addiction problems. They will delve more into the problem if someone points out their flaws. It is generally extremely hard for them to get rid of their habits even when they realize their mistakes.

4. Libra

Libra gets very addicted to material objects. They’ll go crazy over jewellery and clothes and perfumes and would spend all their money on these things. They don’t think twice about practicality or prices when something pretty catches their eyes. They are the most materialistic of all Zodiac signs.

5. Pisces

Pisces are also very addictive but not on drugs, alcohol and the like. They crave emotional intensity and overwhelming feelings. This might seem very menial but it’s scary when they lose sense of right and wrong in their desire for intensity of emotions. The kind of rush they want from life is not materialistic but equally dangerous and toxic.

6. Capricorn

Myths and fantasies are what Capricorns are addicted to. They don’t seek them in fantasy books but they are adept gamers who are highly knowledgeable about Greek and Egyptian mythology. They are hooked to their games and their consoles are their only love.

In this article, you must have realized that our notion of addiction is very one dimensional. It is not always about getting high on drugs and alcohol in dingy bars and dark alleys, spending all your life savings on syringes.

There are different kinds of addictions with different intensities. So, if your Zodiac sign is mentioned in the list it definitely does not mean that you cannot be saved.

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