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Men Love Women For These 7 Traits

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A question that forever assails us is what exactly makes us alluring to the opposite sex.

And the answer could range from the humorous to the answers straight from the class of a life science teacher.

She would go on and on how women are at their attractive peak when they are productive, that is, when they are ovulating.

But then there are other answers equally true and here is a list of seven traits that a man loves in a woman.

1. Men Love Funny Women

It sets a man immediately at ease. If you have that gift to be funny and flippant when dealing with issues, then you have it made.

Every man, or for that matter every woman, like their partner to be fun and easy-going. In fact, men adore funny women and consider the ability to make them laugh as a very desirable trait.

2. Men Love Women Who Have An Opinion

Some women always have an opinion, something to say about everything. Not to please or win, but they are still nice to be around.

3. The Child In Her Isn’t Dead

It is not that she is childish or prone to tantrums. She is instead a fun-loving and carefree person who sees the world with the wild-eyed innocence of a child. She rarely allows the gloom of her personal life to overshadow the child in her.

4. She Is Kind

Most men look for the trait of care in a woman. A sincere woman has more chances of a man falling in love with her than those with just superficial beauty. Kindness highlights the other positive traits of courage and strength.

So the old-worldly qualities count to this day, like compassion, respect for the elders, and a genuine love for the deprived will make men fall in love with you.

5.  Intelligence Attracts

Intelligence indeed seems a vague term but for the discerning few it is an important trait in a woman. Good looks and a good heart are always a great combination.

What makes it even more formidable is a good head on the shoulder. And what counts even more in the long run is emotional intelligence like being humane and benevolent.

6. Belief In Herself

Every word acquires real meaning when said with confidence. A confident demeanor and words can make a woman fearlessly walk through the toughest obstacles and that makes her desirable to the intelligent man.

7. An Independent Woman

There is nothing more desirable than a woman who is strongly independent and is aware of her beauty. The modern man believes that a relationship can hold two opposed ideas at the same time and still retain the ability to function.

A woman is always worth more than the few characteristics mentioned here. Be your own person and the right one will seek you out sooner or later.

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