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A Starseed Poem: ‘Lights In The Sky’

by consciousreminder
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by Matej M.,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

A calling from above,
I can feel it in my heart,
I see it in my dreams,
I knew it from the start,
that it was never random,
it was never just a dream,
there are no words to describe
what I have seen.

Too deep into the sky,so far away,
blinking shiny stars,
I pray for my way,
to find the road to where I belong,
I’m coming home,
and I’m returning strong,
I remembered who I am,
I knew it all along.

No coincidences,
not imagination,
dreams are for real,
infinite creation,
coming from deep space,
into new incarnation.
At the center of your being,
is where the truth lies,
just follow your heart,
just look up to the skies.

Lights in the sky are calling me home,
Melancholy, I really feel alone,
I just need a sign,
I’ve been waiting for so long,
Please universe,
take me to the place where I belong.

Billions of galaxies,
endless journeys trough the night,
We are infinite,
we are warriors of light.
Oh, dear universe,
please shine upon our earth,
bless all the souls,
and lead this world into the new birth.

Don’t waste your time,
just start being alive,
always stay united,
with love we shall survive.
Lights in the sky,
messages trough time and space,
hearing the songs of the long forgotten place.

No matter how far away we go,
we will always look up high,
no cage will ever stop us,
spread your wings and fly.
Unleash the power that you hold within,
warriors of light underneath your skin.

About the Author: Hi, my name is Matej, I am ayoung guy from Croatia. I am a really spiritual and passionate person. My biggest passions are music and writing spiritual and inspirational poems which I hope can help and inspire other souls on their spiritual journeys. One day I would like to share my music and my writings with a wider audience  and really share my deep and meaningful messages about love, unity, dreams and believing in yourself. I am also a founder of Spiritual Warriors community on Facebook where I daily share my inspirational poems and quotes. I would love to connect with like minded people with similar interests and goals in their life. Much love and light for everyone.

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