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Why Is Physical Intimacy A Lot More Spiritual Than You Think

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The sexual energy which is pure has the power to wreck worlds. It can bring about polarizing feelings in any individual- either that of eternal delight and bliss or anguish, depravity, and pain.

It is this very essence of sexual energy that made a lot of religious sects believe that natural development wouldn’t be made possible if s*x was involved in it. Precisely why it is still considered to be ‘taboo’ or ‘dangerous’ owing to the feelings they bring.

You can see it for yourself. Take up three words- love, s*x, and wisdom. See which one people vote as the most important. It is obviously present that even if people think s*x to be the most important, they still wouldn’t choose it.

For, everyone knows the nature between wisdom and spirituality, or love and spirituality – you try explaining someone the connection between physical pleasure and spirituality, and you are doomed.

As the Qigong says, we need not separate s*x from spirituality, simply because s*x gives the same happiness that spirituality gives. In fact, any relationship can only be happy if s*x is involved in it.

So, the next time you decide to give your relationship a solid push, erase all distorted and misguided notions of s*x and enjoy it to be the cornerstone that will uplift your relationship. Don’t be ashamed of it, embrace it.

Yet, the only way you can understand the reason why s*x is considered to be so inferior to other spiritual practices is by understanding the very nature of human sexuality- the feminine and the masculine. The differences might not seem too huge now, but they glare whilst under the sheets.

The biggest difference is that men get aroused for a short period of time, and lose it quite fast. On the other hand, women’s arousal starts off slow but stays on top for quite some time.

This brings in the feeling of inferiority for men who are unable to release the woman’s arousal. Add to that, men become too detached after the act, and usually can’t vibe emotionally with a woman immediately after it, while women bring in the sentimentality that dictates s*x.

Although we can’t really change our inherent sexual traits, we can incorporate spiritual elements in it. Not only will this alleviate all the problems that come with s*x, but it will also allow us to attain some much needed spiritual development.

The process isn’t too tough for men, in fact. The entire practice is based on the ability to release your sexual energy not just through your genitals, but allow it to go in the reverse direction, and reach your Middle Dantian (heart).

Not only will you retain your arousal longer, but this energy coursing through your heart will also bring in elements of love. This will not only improve your s*x life but also encourage a healthy, loving relationship.

For women, the energy naturally flows towards the heart. All someone needs to do is engage in some breast stimulation, which will generate a response from the emotions.

For women, sex has always had connotations of love and other feelings. So, this Qigong practice simply would lead to their inherent sexual traits getting more integrated.

Yet, this isn’t the end. You can take it to the top. Engage your sexual energy to rise from the heart to the head, and you would experience a sacredness, that can only be considered to be heavenly ecstasy. This is because it connects all the Dantians into the sky by the Central Meridian Meridian.

S*x of the genitals along with Dantians of the lower strata is all about s*x with passion. When you bring in the heart into it, it gets intense and involves lovemaking.

As you inculcate all the three Dantians together, that leads to a sacred love which is blissful. And finally, when you bring in the Central Meridian into it, you experience ecstasy, that traverses the very Universe we live in.

There is no comparison between the ecstasy of the cosmos versus s*x that is passionate. You can hardly compare a matchstick fire to a raging inferno.

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