What It Means To Have Dark Green Aura

by Conscious Reminder

Auras exist in every shade imaginable and much can be learned by observing auras and the colors they take on. Even a person born with the skill will need decades of study to be able to fully understand one aura.

However, there are things that can be understood just by looking at the fundamental colors in an aura.

This article takes on dark green auras and what they mean.

Growth is the other name

This aura indicates development and change – a transitory period from one phase to the next.

The change can be something easily discernible like a move to a different state, a promotion, etc. but more often than not it is about how a person has grown spiritually.

At its most fundamental level, it is quite neutral and doesn’t indicate anything specifically good or bad for the person who wears it.

The dark side of dark green aura

However, if the aura is a darker green, it is not positive. While green indicates development and change, it spells something completely different when the aura is muddied.

Generally speaking, this usually means that there’s an obstacle that is stopping you from moving forward. It could be something like you stagnating in your career. There is a path that you can take to move forward but you are hesitant to do so because you are scared and insecure.

Jealousy and Dark green auras

Dark green auras also indicate one other thing – jealousy.

If you become extremely jealous, your aura will take on a dark green shade. It is important that you analyse this emotion.

When you’re jealous, you are scared that you will lose a person or an object. It is not the same as being envious which is what happens when you want to deprive someone else of something. The former makes you scared while the latter makes you greedy.

If you think that you are facing this, don’t worry. There are many steps you can take to purify your aura and solve your issues.

Dark green aura cleansing

The most efficient method of purifying a dark green aura is to rediscover your connection with nature which will in turn make you more connected to your own self.

Practice meditation and other techniques regularly that will help you control the energy that travels through your chakras.

Break down the obstacles in your path that prevent you from growing. This causes your aura to turn lighter and brighter.

Finally when you have dealt with your issues, you will see that your aura is a glowing forest green.

This indicates that your life has changed for the better and that you have grown. Soon things will happen exactly as you want them to.

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