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The Illusory Nature Of Purpose

And so on and so forth. We feel that if we find this purpose, we would have unlocked the key to life.

Everything will automatically fall into place, we’d know our position in the universe, and we would have a clear blue print of what to do with our lives. But I would like to differ.

In my opinion, if a purpose is so essential for us to have a life, then why is it always just out of reach for us? Why is it so elusive and confusing?

Why don’t life’s instructions come in more obvious ways, and most importantly, if following this purpose is the only way to lead your life, then how are we even surviving without it, since it is so essential?

When we say things like we are looking for our purpose in life or we are trying to find who we are, and the like, we are ignoring what we already have- our own self.

We just need to look inside us to find ourselves. We don’t need to go outwards, looking for this mysterious purpose of life.

Life is about embracing what you already have, not a wild goose chase for something which you think will complete you.

When you truly accept your own self, you will start to create your own energy, you will display your angelic traits which make you, you. When you say you need a purpose, you are saying that you are lacking something.

True joy can never come from a place which is wanting. When you feel complete and whole in yourself, only then will you be able to experience the joy of life.

Focus more on experiencing things and enjoying what you have than looking for something which might not even exist. Look within yourself, you’ll find everything you could possibly need.

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