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Keep Your Blunt Friends: Those Who Tell You The Truth, Love You The Most

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by Conscious Reminder

What is a good friend? There are many different ways in which you can define a ‘good friend’.

Good friends are the friends who come in times of need. They will make you comfortable in their presence and would never try to change who you are. They will always support you to follow your dreams.

But there is another part of being a good friend, which may not seemingly look good but is an essential quality of a good friend. A good friend is going to be brutally honest with you when you need to hear the truth.

The truth can be a hard pill for you to swallow. It might be something you wish they did not tell you, but however deep the hurt might go, you know that it was important to hear. These friends are the best people you have in your life, and they will keep you on the right track all the time.

Remember, it is better to hear a harsh truth than be coaxed by a comfortable lie. Here are a few qualities of such good friends:

1. Caring

These friends really care about you. They might not tell you that they love you in so many words, but their concerns clearly show through their actions and advice. And so, they will give you the rough truth just so you can move on the right track.

2. No Sugarcoating

The world is not perfect and neither are you. However, our human mind is always trying to convince us that what we are doing is right. A good friend will not sugarcoat the world for you. If you are making a wrong decision, a good friend will call you out on that. They won’t care if you get hurt by the truth – they would just say it to your face.

3. Knowing What They Want

Your good friends have a purpose in their lives. They know what they want from life, and they are not backing away from it. They know that just having faith in yourself will not work. So, they put in a lot of effort to get to their dream destination in life.

4. No Lies

Good friends are honest. They will not lie to you just to make you feel better. Fake friends will try to score brownie points by lying to you and setting themselves up as a seemingly good friend in your eyes. But real friends will come out with the brutal truth. They will speak out but will support you nonetheless.

5. Making You Smile

Good friends know what triggers you and what makes you smile. They know that their honesty may hurt you, but they also know what makes you smile. And so, they can make you smile when you feel down. They know exactly what makes you smile and can bring a mood-lifter immediately.

6. They Apologize

Good friends are not perfect. They can be wrong too. But what separates them from other friends is that they will admit to their wrongs. They won’t fling blames on you or some other person. They will admit to their mistake and even apologize for it. They are not going to leave their honest self just because they are wrong.

7. They Are Not Afraid Of Change

Good friends are not afraid of change. They know change is inevitable, and they love exploring the new. Living in fear of something that will happen one way or another is not the way they live their life. They embrace the changes life swings at them, and they swing with it.

Appreciate your good friends. They are one of a kind who will take you down the right path no matter what.

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