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23 Signs You Are Clairsentient And What That Actually Means

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Being clairsentient means you can sense energy from beyond the physical world. It means that you can sense or feel subtle energy and receive psychic information.

How do you know if you are clairsentient?

Just like the psychic abilities, anyone can learn to have some level of clairsentience. Well, a lot of people receive psychic information through clairsentience but they generally don’t have any idea about this.

How many of these 23 signs of clairsentience do you have?

1.You are highly sensitive to the energies of your surroundings.

2.You get overwhelmed in crowded places or places which have a violent past.

3.You can tell the nerve of the room just by entering it. You can tell if people are relaxed or stressed.

4.Your way of describing places is as feeling “heavy” or “light”

5.You make immediate impressions of people which more often than not prove right.

6.You are able to understand others’ perspective and relate to where they are.

7.For a validation of a truth, you experience spiritual chills.

8.You can sense the presence of angels, ghosts and other spirits.

9.Your terminology is “I feel that” and not “I know” or “I see”.

10.You feel the pain of others in your own body and this helps you to read them better.

11.You get nauseous around violence or darkness.

12.For you, presence of angels brings joy and energy.

13.Without being able to give any physical explanation, you feel temperature changes or breezes inside a room.

14.Your sense of smell and taste is always in tune with subtle changes around you.

15.You can sense anger and tension between two people, and can tell what is going on between them.

16.You experience some titillating sensations atop your head.

17.Even when you are alone, you experience weird company in the room with you.

18.You could feel what someone else in their life might have felt.

19.You get in a state of absolute alert due to some weird tingling sensations, for an unexplainable reason.

20.Your mood is easily affected by the people with whom you come in contact with.

21.You experience strong energy or vibration in your body, completely out of blue.

22.You can spot a liar based on your gut feeling, almost every single time.

23.You know, based on your inner feelings, if your plan is going to work out or not, even though you can not prove it at the moment.

What now?

Using your body and inner feelings, clairsentience brings you information and helps you to communicate with Spirits, angels and your higher self.

By increasing your overall awareness you can also develop this ability. Start listening to your body and your heart. Put a tape on the chatter of your mind and you’ll be good to go

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