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7 Main Points That Will Help You Tell The Difference Between Spirituality And Religion

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder 

Spirituality is more than some fixation on the mysterious and unexplainable like most people believe it to be.

Some people even give spirituality the name of a sect because they are completely ignorant about what it is and think that like other cults, it works on manipulation and other things of the like. Spirituality is starkly different from religion.

The following points will help you understand this difference.

1. Unlike Religion, Spirituality sets you free

Religion has a set ideology and a certain sets of rules and beliefs you are expected to follow. It binds you with its limitations. On the other hand, spirituality encourages free thought and just requires one to have faith and follow their heart. There are no set rules.

2. Religion scares you, Spirituality urges you to stand tall

Religion shows you fear and tells you that you have things to be scared of. It always threatens that if one goes out of the rules as laid by religion, one will be faced by dire consequences. On the other hand, spirituality acts as the source of faith and the power that helps you deal with your fear and not give up. It teaches you to stand tall and be brave.

3. Spirituality lets you find your truth

Religion has the habit of spoon-feeding. It spoon feeds you a certain perception of the reality and the truth but Spirituality encourages you to develop a deeper relationship with yourself and helps you find your truths on your own.

4. Spirituality, unlike Religion, binds humanity together

Different religions make different groups of people. Although all religions teach the same thing and have the same teachings, there is a very strong element of differentiation. Spirituality views humanity as a whole and brings people together.

5. Religion brings dependence, Spirituality frees you

Religion tells you that you will find happiness and contentment only if you are a religious person and do as their religion says but Spirituality urges you to find happiness in your own self and not any external sources.

6. Religion uses punishment, Spirituality uses Karma

Religion uses punishment to get people to obey the rules as laid down by religion but spirituality uses the presence of Karma, and believes that one will always get back what they have given out into the Universe. Spirituality does not use fear to get humans to have faith.

7. Spirituality encourages you to create your own path

Religion has a set path and an already decided route that one has to follow and in case they do not, they would be subject to consequences and punishment, whereas, Spirituality encourages each and everyone to find their own calling, build their own path and fearlessly walk on said path. Spirituality helps you find that there is nothing bigger than the self and the faith that the self can have. Religion comes with terms and conditions, predefined faith and other things that the human soul cannot have control over but Spirituality comes with freedom, of faith, belief and the self.

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