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S*xual Compatibility Of The Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

The zodiac signs are all paired with each other and when a pair get together, they burn so hot that it almost feels like they could start a fire. Keep reading to find out who is your perfect s*xual partner.


All about heat and passion, Aries goes best with someone who is not easy to handle between the sheets. Flirty, fast-paced Geminis are perfect for them as they’re smart enough to ensure that Aries doesn’t get bored after a while.


They might be poles apart but Taurus and Scorpio are a star crossed lovers. The intricate, complex personality of Scorpio reels Taurus in like a magnet.


With a curiosity that is almost insatiable in its intensity, the best match for Gemini is Aries with their adventurous spirit that is always ready to try something new. The two speed through life enthusiastically always choosing to go off the beaten path when they can.


Waxing and waning like the moon, the passion inside Cancer changes in intensity all the time. Capricorn with their earthiness and stability helps Cancer to calm down and their differences only heighten the s*xual tension between the two.


As proud as a lion, Leo loves putting on a show. Libra with all their charm is the best at ensuring that Leo’s full potential is ensured. Libra even provides the romance that Leo’s dramatic nature craves leaving Leo purring like a kitten.


With an uncanny ability to notice even the smallest detail, Virgo can be an amazing s*xual partner. But for this they need to be able to relax and this is where Pisces with their strong intuition comes in. Pisces calms Virgo down and teaches them how to take life as it comes. In return, Virgo ensures that Pisces experiences pleasure like never before.


Known for their beauty, tact and creativity, Libra doesn’t believe in pleasure without aesthetic quality. They are the perfect match for Leo who has the ability to turn everything into a performance. Their relationship is full of romance, dramatic moments, passion and heat.


With a magnetism that many succumb to, Scorpio’s are known for their skill in bed. But the challenge they crave is found in the solid, warm personality of Taurus. As stubborn as a bull, Taurus is not easily moved and Scorpio likes nothing better than to get a rise out of Taurus.


Always the first person up for an adventure, Sagittarius will never say no to a risk. They are perfectly matched with Aquarius who is quick to come up with new and interesting encounters that others cannot even imagine. The two manage to keep each other on their toes and their passion is electric.


Ready for seriousness and commitment, Capricorn is best suited to Cancer whose watery nature helps Capricorn get in touch with their own emotions. Even though they are polar opposites, when they land up in bed together no one else can even come close to them.


There’s nothing Aquarius loves more than surprises and this extends to their s*xual interests as well. The sign of the wanderer, Sagittarius is always there for Aquarius when the latter wishes to enter uncharted territory. Sagittarius loves picking up new ways to enhance Aquarius’s pleasure and Aquarius is never hesitant to try them out.


Dreamy Pisces can make any situation exciting with their fantastical nature. Virgo adds a touch of earthiness and together, they turn Pisces’ visions into reality. They are constantly teetering on the thin line between the truth and fiction and their chemistry is like no other.

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