The Virgo New Moon And Aries Full Moon Will Mark The Astrology Of September

by Conscious Reminder

Finally the eclipse season has come to an end and we’ll head towards a promising month of September.

On 9th September, at 2:02 PM EST, the new moon will enter Virgo to put an end to the craziness we witnessed in midyear.

So now’s the time to put things together, focus on being productive and keep the targets clear. The time’s in our favor and the energy level’s going push us to do hard labor.

There can be no excuse to wile away time! It’s the best period to structure and organize our work, schedule and life. Things may have been awry in the recent past but it also gave us a chance to know where to make changes in the routine for better results at work. 

The new moon has positive aspects, is 2 signs away and is sextile; Jupiter is in Scorpio and opposite Neptune controlling Pisces. Pluto will be in Capricorn with trine, positive aspects and 4 signs away.

Jupiter’s sextile will instill feelings of positivity and optimism, and Pluto’s trine will provide us with personal strength that’ll help us control instability faced earlier. Opposition in Neptune may lead us into the fantasy world so keep some time aside to sit back and dream a little. 

The new moon will take place at 17˚ and 0 minutes in Virgo. The main aspects of the new moon will be: 

Conjunction: 15˚ and 0 minutes, i.e., 19˚ and 0 minutes in Virgo
Sextile: 15˚ and 0 minutes, i.e., 19˚ and 0 minutes in Cancer or in Scorpio
Square: 15˚ and 0 minutes, i.e., 19˚ and 0 minutes in Gemini or in Sagittarius
Trine: 15˚ and 0 minutes, i.e., 19˚ and 0 minutes in Taurus or in Capricorn
Opposition: 15˚ and 0 minutes, i.e., 19˚ and 0 minutes in Pisces

On 24th September, the much-awaited full moon will take place in Aries at 10:53 PM EST. According to the Zodiac cycle, Aries stands at the beginning and signifies the start or the completion of something. This could be the time for us to see the positive results of the hard labor exercised the previous weeks. Aries will offer hope and positivity to keep moving ahead, towards our goal. 

We can attend to ourselves more by concentrating on our needs and desires. The drive forward can be more energetic and planned. We needn’t give into our impulsive energy at this moment and make decisions carefully. 

The lunar influence (full moon) will be sextile with Mars entering Aquarius, square Saturn will enter Capricorn with hard aspect and 3 signs away, and it’ll be opposite Mercury controlling Libra, though it’ll be slightly wide.

At this time, the sextile on Mars will help control the extra energy in the full moon because Mars rules Aries. With Mercury in opposition (although slightly wide) may lead to an uncertain focus also because of full moon with square Saturn.

This will be the time to concentrate on the work, be disciplined and organized. There shouldn’t be any irresponsible behavior on our part, even though casual attitude may seem to be tempting at the moment. It’ll only create more complications for us. 

The full moon will take place at 1˚ and 59 minutes in Aries. The main aspects of the full moon at this time will be:

Conjunction: 0˚ and 0 minutes, i.e., 3˚ and 59 minutes in Aries
Sextile: 0˚ and 0 minutes, i.e., 3˚ and 59 minutes in Gemini or in Aquarius
Square: 0˚ and 0 minutes, i.e., 3˚ and 59 minutes in Cancer or in Capricorn
Trine: 0˚ and 0 minutes i.e., 3˚ and 59 minutes in Leo or in Sagittarius
Opposition: 0˚ and 0 minutes, i.e. 3˚ and 59 minutes in Libra

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