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4 Love Signals We Send Unconsciously

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by Conscious Reminder

People are definitely driven by ego. 

There are people who think that they are actually ego-less, and that by practicing meditation and contemplation they soften the ‘side-effects’ of the ego. However, the ego stays in most of us. That ego also needs protection.

In fact, this is the first reason why we find love in a difficult way. When our ego notices some chances of rebuttal and rejection, love is not able to declare itself.

Fortunately, love is much stronger than our ego, and even when the ego is not going to permit us say something, our love actually has a couple of techniques that it uses to express and show itself when our ego comes on the way.

So, these are said to be signals of unconscious love.

Standing close

Every one of us has that buffer zone used for personal comfort and space. In fact, some people are satisfied with a small amount, while others require extensive radius. However, whether small or large, every one of us has one.

So, love never obeys the limits of this buffer zone. At times when loving someone, a person will unconsciously stand close to the other person that that would be acceptable. He or she will be pulled towards that person, so without his or her ego weighing the advantages and disadvantages of crossing some social limits, the person is unconsciously going to signal his or her feeling in doing that.


Similar to the way in which a person meets his or her body – particularly in a situation when in a group – may be an indication of love feelings.

When loving someone, a person will find his or her body turns to them instinctively, and the body language of that person is going to open up. He or she invites the other person, emotionally and also physically, without thinking about that.

When you are in such situation, pay close attention to arms and feet. When the feet of some person point at you all the time, and he or she has their arms uncrossed, as well as their palms towards you, remember that it is a real invitation on emotional level and can also be a love sign.

The ‘Good to see you’ switch and silly smiles

In fact, there are numerous other signals from body language you may look for. The most common among them is actually silly smiling, the smiling which does not make any sense when talking about the context, and it refuses to disappear and fade, and also the so-called ‘Good to see you’ switch. This switch is actually a small signal which people unconscious utilized when they meet people they like.

Every one of us has a different switch, however, follow completely identical patterns. For instance, your switch will be some scratch you have behind the ear, touching your eyebrow with a finger, etc.

You will probably have to be more focused in order to notice this, but you will definitely have the reliable source you need about what others think of you when they actually see you.


Most of the time, love discovers a lot of funny ways of expressing itself, and with the help of synchronicities, it actually drives you to pursue it.

Running into a person everywhere you go, or if he or she shows up in the same place you do, if you feel the need of sending them a message or calling them and right after you thought to do that, you receive a call from him or her, so it is a sign our Universe tries to tell you something.

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