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How To Know A Girl Has Fallen For You On The Basis Of Her Sun Sign?

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by Conscious Reminder

Aries- She will simply tell you. The fact she hasn’t, means that she’s not that into you. She is confident and secure enough to speak what’s on her mind.

Taurus- You’d definitely notice if a Taurus has fallen for you. Grand, romantic gestures are kind of their thing. So if she’s bending over backwards to impress you, she’s smitten.

Gemini- She will put in effort so that she’s the absolute best when she’s around you. If she’s the most well dressed these days than you’ve ever seen her, it means you’ve got her attention and now she want yours.

Cancer- Cancerians are a bit skeptical when it comes to love. So if she’s been testing your loyalty or commitment, it means she’s judging whether you’re really worth falling in love with.

Leo- Just the aura of intensity around her is enough to give you the hint if she’s been taking an interest in you. Leo have a way of making everything too passionate when they’re in the mood.

Virgo- She’d simply start asking questions. It’d seem like she need to know every little detail of your life. And she does, so that she knows it’s safe before she falls heads over heels in love with you.

Libra- A Libra is naturally charming. What changes when she fancies someone is that they focus all that charm on that person. So if you’re on the receiving end, count your lucky stars.

Scorpio- Being a Scorpio, she’s not going to let you know even if she has fallen for you. Your best bet would be trying to read her eyes. That’s where the truth is.

Sagittarius- If a Sagittarius falls in love with you; you better prepare your backpacks. She’d want you to accompany her on all her adventures, that’s how they say I love you.

Capricorn- Capricorns are usually a bit stuck up, that’s just how they deal with the world. But if she’s been loosening up around you, that’s the signal you need.

Aquarius- Perhaps she doesn’t even know it herself, that’s how clueless an Aquarian can get. But you’d know by the way she eases up when you’re around.

Pisces- They are kind and romantic at heart. So if she likes you, she’ll definitely let you know.

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