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You Need More Alone-Time At Work And This Is Why

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by Conscious Reminder

There is constant research going on in the world of science to decode what exactly it takes to attain the maximum levels of productivity and there is a lot of time dedicated to finding out what kind of environment does an individual work the best in.

This is discussed on two binaries, generally, which are working alone and working in a group.

There have always been a lot of arguments in the favour of group work but a recent study published by the National Academy of Science says that there is a possibility that an individual does not reach his full potential when working in a group. 

The study observed three groups, one where everyone worked alone and had no interactions with one another, the second one was constantly in touch and the third one had both.

It was observed that the first group came up with the maximum number innovative ways to work on the problem at hand, while the second one came up with less but polished ideas but the third group that had some individual work and some group work came up with the most feasible ways to help solve whatever issue was thrown their way. 

What is to be noticed is that when in a group, there is always a consideration in each member about what they think the other members can or cannot do and this sometimes leads to dismissal of very good ideas on grounds of personal biases about other members of the group.

This essentially means that constant group work can be a hindrance for an individual to reach his or her maximum potential. When working alone, everyone finds a more relaxed ground to come up with ideas and work with them and with some group interaction, the most suitable option can be chosen.

Working alone also helps to bring in more ideas because everyone has their set of ideas separately, it provides for a better view of the issue at hand. More perspectives give way to more experimentation, and that helps the cause as a whole. 

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