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Your Spirit Guide And Guardian Angels May Contact You In Each One Of These 4 Situations

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We all have spirit guides and guardian angels around us. They protect and take care of us as much as they can. They also guide us and help us differentiate between right and wrong.

The physical world and the other realms coexist in the same time and place, so life happens simultaneously on many levels. This makes it almost impossible for worlds to stay completely separated, meaning that the thin veil allows interaction between the realms. That’s why we are able to communicate with higher beings from the astral.

They may be around us in any form; a bird or a pet or just a warm comfortable feeling that you feel when you are at home. Those are our spirit guardians. They are always looking out for us but sometimes they also come to visit us; to bless us with their kindness and love.

You don’t have to be afraid in such situations. You should always remember that no one cares for you the way in which your spirit guardians worries about you and protects you.

One of the major problems is that sometimes when these spirit guardians visit us, we may not be able to identify them.

Obviously we cannot see them so we have to look out for the signs that imply their presence: you may feel some movement in the leaves or the movement of the air may bring some distinct fragrance or you may feel some faint sound or maybe you might just have this feeling that you are being watched by someone. In all such situations, your guardian angels are around you and paying you a visit.

But when do the chances of their visit increase? Here are 4 times you guardian angel can come to meet you and shower you with their light and blessings:

1. When you are all alone by yourself:

Your spirit guardian may visit you when you are all alone by yourself absolutely doing nothing. This is because this is the time when your mind is blank and you can receive their presence. This is also the time when your emotional state is clear so you can know what they are trying to talk to you about. This is why your guardian angel might visit you when you are all alone.  

2. When you’re sleeping or when you are dreaming:

They may also come to visit you when you are sleeping. Have you ever woken up randomly and felt supremely fresh or calm or thirsty? Well, this may be a signal that your guardian angel is around you and has come secretly to visit you and look after you while you are sleeping. They may also come in your dream to give you a message or a lesson that might help you in solving some problem that you have been facing from a long time.

3. During some difficult time in your life:

This is the most probable time when they visit you. This is because they wish to reiterate their presence in your life and make you feel loved and taken care of. They may also present you with solutions to the problems that you are going through. Overall, they will make you feel more grateful and thankful for their abiding presence in your life.

4. When you are having a family gathering:

Did you know the guardian angels sometimes also are the deceased family members? Yes. And certainly when your entire family is gathered around to celebrate some occasion; the people who are missing are the deceased family members. Therefore, this is the time when your guardian angel may come to meet you and also enjoy the festivities that are going around.

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