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7 Types Of Psychopaths: How To Recognize And Avoid Them

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by Conscious Reminder

The word “psychopath” immediately reminds us a person like the Zodiac Killer; people who’re eccentric and socially inept. While it’s true that all psychopaths are socially unfit, what’s also true is that they’re very good at concealing that side to them.

It’s not as easy to detect them and bring them to the fore. And precisely because they aren’t obviously crazy, we often start believing that it’s possible to reduce the vices in them.

Sadly, this isn’t always possible with psychopaths who’re more than just evil—it’s their personality that is flawed and cannot be repaired even through counseling. It’s a grievous disorder that they suffer from and there’s no way out of such situations. 

According to Dr. Craig Nuemann, an expert in psychopathy and professor of psychology at North Texas University, there are certain traits common in all psychopaths: 

1. Deceit, manipulation, and narcissism are a part of their regular behavior. 

2. They’re mostly aggressive and usually have a violent, criminal behavior. 

3. They’re never guilty of hurting anyone and have a callous attitude. 

4. They’re rash and impulsive. They usually consume illegal substances that increase this tendency in them. 

Besides these there are 7 broad categories of psychopaths that you may encounter in life:

The 7 kinds of psychopaths you’d want to be aware of: 

1. The lover

John Meehan, aka, Dirty John was a famous fraudster who fooled women with his fake identity and fake love. Impersonating as a surgeon and dressed in scrubs, Meehan was former prisoner. There are many like Meehan that you’ll find who’ll embrace you with love before isolating you from everyone around you. Before you know it, they’ll punish you for trespassing the boundaries they’ve made for you. They’ll deprive you of their love as a way of disciplining you back into the loop of love-aggression-punishment cycle that they’ve made for you. 

2. The head

We’ve all come across people who’re so authoritative in nature that they’ll create a divide in the group and manipulate others to fight with each other. They may do it in a charming and socially acceptable ways, but they’re using calculating means to eventually dominate those around them. People with this personality type prioritize their needs above everyone else’s. 

Shanon Thomas in Exposing Financial Abuse has documented the behavior pattern of such people who have a dominating personality. She gives an insight into their life as one in which the woman sacrifices her needs and comfort to accommodate the husband’s lifestyle requirements. Mostly there are financial compromises made by the woman while the husband enjoys an extravagant life. What’s worse is that because such people have a charming personality in their social circles, if the partner attempts to tell the truth, she’s declared as irrational. 

3. The wicked one

This is the most easily detectable category of psychopaths. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, these are the primary kind of psychopaths registered in the files with criminal records. They’re impulsive, deceitful and callous about people’s security. They have an unhinged life and may be attractive to many youngsters. However, they’re the worst people to actually lead others into alcohol and drug abuse. Sometimes they also use the ploy of rehabilitation and sympathy for themselves so that they can withdraw money from their loved ones to buy more substances.  

4. The suspicious one

The suspicious, paranoid psychopaths think that the world is against them. They aren’t like people with paranoid schizophrenia or personality disorder, they’re worse off because they want their victims to accept their abusive behavior unquestionably. They’ll confuse you with their constant abuse and need for support. You’ll be basically distracted from the original cause of the problem, i.e., them. You’ll hardly ever be able to detect the reason for their discontentment with you. 

5. The spiritual one 

Psychopaths with this kind of a personality trait often use their skills to share a fake spiritual and intellectual side to them. They create a make belief world for people who listen to them and trap them by using the lingo of that profession. With this kind of a garb on them, they’re easy to trust, until they pack their bags to move on their next victim. Their sufferers often it difficult to prove their reality to the world because to the social world, these people are still spiritual studs. 

6. The moralist 

These people are very strict about their belief system. They let people believe in their values and traditions that are made to appear really appealing. Once they find their victim, they do not let the person betray any of the rules set out by them. Their thoughts on equality, inclusiveness, and justice are invite people to participate in their life. And if you detect any sidestepping from their end, they’ll justify it as their countercultural value and protest against the miserable world.  

7. The condescending one

According to Dr. J. Marshall, a psychologist, people with condescending and arrogant behavior compel their victims to believe they’re unworthy. It gives the psychopath a sense of self worth and confidence in such situations. Dr. Marshall explains that it isn’t conviction that these people use to inform people about their weaknesses; they use arrogance as a tool to destroy their victim’s spirit. 

The issue is that psychopaths ace deception 

The real problem, as Dr. Marshall points out, is that psychopaths are great observers of human behavior and actions, and they use these tools to manipulate others. They’re normally come across as empathetic people who you can emotionally connect with but that’s only a mask that they wear to lure you into victimization.  

It’s often really difficult to accept that the person you love so much is actually a psychopath that you go on defending the person. However, it’s best that you step away from such a person and save yourself from further abuse. 

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