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3 Steps How To Remove Your Inflated Ego And Free Yourself

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Let us begin by looking at the development of the ego tendencies that we observe today:

The History Of Ego

At first, societies believed in the supremacy of the tribe over the individual. Collective consciousness of the tribe determined the place of the individual in the society and people considered themselves as a smaller part of the collective whole.

This changed because of the development of new tools and technology. The relationship that people had with nature also changed overtime. This was the rise of individuality. Ego began to find its roots as ego is only the first cousin of individuality.

Not only technology but the way we allowed technology to overtake our lives caused further ego development.

People who found technology convenient were obviously against the tribal culture and thus the need for ‘freedom’ of the individual from the tribe came up.

Ego grew and social statuses and hierarchies established in the world as we now know them.

But, now we are gradually realising the need to give up the Ego based ideas that we have built. As the world is changing socially, politically and environmentally, we are finding the need to go back to our tribal ways as those were ideal for the world as a whole.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Kill Your Ego:

We keep thinking that we are unique but we forget that everyone thinks the same about themselves.

Everyone is unique in their own way and when this uniqueness is heightened, perceived as better, it becomes an Inflated Ego.

That’s the Ego we are talking about here. That’s the unhealthy Ego that is destroying the world, the inflated one.

Having a healthy ego is not bad. In fact, it’s necessary for being a human. It’s what holds your identity and story together and what installs meaning into your life.

We’ve always had an ego, even when we lived in caves. It’s what enables you to care for others, have empathy and depth.

People without any ego don’t have an identity or a story. They lose the roots that enable them to be a part of the collective.

Don’t having an ego is on the other side of the spectrum from having an Inflated Ego. Both cut you from the collective.

The one concentrates your individuality to a level where you think you are separate from others, and the other removes your individuality making you an unfitting piece for the collective.

That’s why you should not kill your ego, but get rid of the inflated one.

How To Remove The Inflated Ego?

The Inflated Ego results in making us feel that we are superior and better than others.

It cuts us off from the collective and makes us think that we are complete by ourselves, but that isn’t true at all.

We do need others to better survive otherwise we are so much closer to our end.

Food, water, warmth, shelter, sanity, those things are MUCH harder to acquire and sustain by yourself.

And even if you manage to do so, what’s the point when you don’t have anyone to share them with? What’s the point when you don’t have anyone to be connected with, to share opinions with, to be intimate with, to create and thrive with? What’s the point of all that, if you don’t have anyone to have fun with?

We need each other more than we realize! The Inflated Ego is twisting our reality to make us feel bigger and better than others thinking that we don’t need anyone.

But others hunt and grow your food, others supply you with water, others bring you electricity, create the technology you use, clean your garbage, build your shelter, keep you safe… We live in a network where everyone is benefiting every other person.

However, The Inflated Ego is making individuals abuse these connections for personal benefit making others carry their greed on their back. That’s what has created this system that is destroying the world.

The 3 Steps To Remove The Extra Weight Of Your Ego:

Think of the Inflated Ego like having extra weight that makes you unhealthy.

The Inflated Ego is the extra weight of your ego that you need to get rid of in order for your ego to function properly. It’s the extra weight of the world that clogs the flow of energy. We all need to get rid of this extra weight individually!

Once you get rid of the extra weight of your ego, you will get from the world as much as you need to grow and thrive, without greed, without overdoing anything.

That’s all.

If we can fix that, we have fixed the world!

1. Separation exists only in the mind.

The foremost thing that we have to realize is that the division between the individual and society are mere projections in the mind.

Separation exists only in our mind as a tool for us to grow. If we realize this sole fact we will remove most of the foundations of the Inflated Ego.

2. Others are extension of the greater being we are all a part of.

Looking at others, not as separate from you, but as an extension of the greater being we are all a part of, will give you a powerful perspective that removes all of the feeding channels for your Inflated Ego.

Without them, your Inflated Ego cannot feed itself. You will get rid of the extra weight.

3. You are enough.

Finally, accept yourself as enough. Even though this might sound as counter intuitive, it’s actually the one thing that will make you realize the most how much we all need each other.

Not feeling enough is what motivates you to chase things that give you validation. After you acquire these things, you look at others as lesser or better than you. This perspective is what makes you greedy, emphasizes the separation in your mind and gives you a sense of you against the world. Once you accept yourself as enough, you realize that you are a part of the world, you need the world.


We have to realise that alone, we are just islands that can easily submerge in the ocean, but together, we are a bigger mass of land that’s much more stable.

It is only when we come together that we can begin to solve our problems and make this world a better place to live in.

We must trust the ways of our ancestors. We must also realise that togetherness will give us a sense of happiness and comfort that is impossible to receive whilst we are alone.

Let us stop living in the shadow of our Inflated Ego which is snatching away our happiness and making us lonely by creating divisions and hierarchies.

Now that would be a revolution!

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