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Your Love Life Status During Taurus Season, According To Your Zodiac

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by Conscious Reminder

The Taurus season started when the Sun moved to Taurus back in 20th April. Taurus, represented as the Bull, is steady and stays grounded.

It is a sign that is fixed and is all about becoming secured in whatever we do – including relationships. Taurus is very promising when it comes to romance. It is not a changeable sign like Gemini – so, it is time to go for stable and committed relationships. This is how Taurus Season will affect your zodiac signs:


Venus is in your sign since 15th April. It’s spring season for you – love is blooming. But do not give too much meaning to whatever thoughts come to your head. Mars is your ruling planet and it is settled in deceptive Gemini – your mind might be playing tricks with you. You should relax and if relationships troubles are making you feel conflicted, then the May 18 full moon will make things clearer.


The spotlight is all on you – this is your season. Enjoy it while it lasts – there’s profound relationship fervor going in favor of you. Single Taureans can plan and set out how they want a relationship to be like. You will be more clear-minded when it comes to love. May 15th will bring a positive change when Venus comes in your sign. Change your fashion statement and get a confidence boost. May 18th will bring down some internal resistances that you might be facing.


The passionate Mars is going to be in your sign till 16th May. During this time, you will have crushes coming to you and asking for dates. Even sugar-tongued strangers will be flocking around you. If you are already in a committed relationship, start thinking about what you tend to do wrong. It’s time to be introspective.


Your sensitive side will be overwhelmed: family, relationship, job – everything is there for you to take care of. Try to balance it out. Venus entering Taurus on 15th May and Mars Entering Cancer of 16th May is going to bring a change in your love life. If you are in a relationship, then it is time to voice your concerns and break any challenges. The May 18th Full Moon may make a crush come and confess their feeling towards you.


You are least concerned about romance right now. You are stressed with so many new kinds of responsibilities of home that needs to be tackled fast. Home improvement is another side that you need to look at. Maybe a child or parent needs love and that’s where your cuddly side will flower.


If you have a crush in your workplace, now is the time to take action. But don’t be too outward with it – take it slow and first observe the situation. You have to know that there is some chemistry between the two of you. If not – build it. Working and playing while doing so can be easy for you during this time.


Venus rules both Taurus and Libra so, the Taurus season will favor Libra too. You will feel the need to be spiritually connected with your partner. You may also start doing random acts of kindness. Your love knows no bounds.


Scorpio is a fixed sign like Taurus. You have a magnetic personality and that makes many followers come to you. You can get true love during this season. If you are already in a relationship, then you will end up deepening your passionate side.


For Sagittarians, you need to do something every day to change your routine so that you can get closer to your significant other. It might even introduce you to someone special. So, start by resetting your life. Travelling is also there for you so; you might even get together with a special travel partner.


Capricorns will have a bit of a hassle during Taurus season. First off, it will be great for your love life but there could be some problems with your partner too. Nothing to worry about. The Taurean season will be there to back you up.


This Taurus season is about getting back to you home and cuddling with your partner. Going out is not the best time to deepen your romance during this time. However, if you are not someone in a relationship yet, then this is not the time to get into a relationship. The Leo and Aquarius eclipses have put you down but gain your energy – the summer might bring a change in your life. Aquarians should be aware of Pride marches – something might come up there.


Be flirtatious and send out messages with cute emojis to your crush. This is the time to tap into your bubbly self. If you are already in a relationship, then you can take time to ground yourself. A mix of both play and work can help you a lot during this season.

The Taurus season is all about being grounded and stabilizing your relationships. Become whole and find the right person. The Taurus season is promising – just get out there and find your love.

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