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Magical Pink Full Moon Rising Today — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

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by Conscious Reminder

Have you faced a lot of hardships in March? Did you struggle to strike a balance between work and personal relationships?

Do you feel stuck in a phase of your life without any sense of direction? If yes, don’t worry, good things are on your way with the April Full Moon.

Hovering in between the Aries and the Libra axis, the Full Moon will deliver a chaotic time at first. You will feel distant from yourself, let alone from your close ones! It is a time charged with immense energy and the good news is, you can use it for your own benefit.

There are some relationships that can be really volatile, emotionally draining and toxic. This period will help you look into the ugly details of it. Libra is the planet of balance and you can utilize this period to make positive changes in your life.

Draw boundaries, do not let anyone take advantage of you, never settle for less and most importantly, know when you need to adjust. The ups and downs will be dramatic but it will help you make your life simpler in the long run.

Uranus, the planet of free will, liberation, and self-knowledge, will be making an out of sign conjunction with Taurus. Plus, the sun is moving into Taurus.

It is time for adventures because there is no proper order in the Universe. You will be prone to dramatic mood swings, change in plans and an unquenchable thirst for something new.

The Moon and the Sun are not the only ones guiding you in April. They are at work with Pluto, symbolic of death and rebirth, and Saturn, the symbol of order. This interesting conjunction will give you a lot to deal with.

Always remember, words once said cannot be unsaid, so you must be cautious. This emotional period can be very messy if you are impulsive. So, pause, ponder and then act. Do not make sudden business deals or blurt out your secrets to someone whom you just met.

Use this Full Moon period to navigate out of a situation that is holding you back. Planet Mercury is in the house of Aries, the sign of impulse. You will be surprised by your own behavior. You may even say things in the heat of the moment, only to regret it later on.

People around you will try to victimize themselves and make you feel guilty. Do not give in. You are not a victim and you have to understand that. Tap into your inner strength and don’t let the victim mentality entrap you.

It is high time you know your worth and walk out if needed. Venus rules all our relationships and the influence of the April Libra Moon will make you really brave.

It is good to let your emotions flow instead of bottling them up. Tell the people you love how much they mean to you. If you want, you can reach out to an old friend and talk about different things. Or if you are especially adventurous, make new connections.

But above everything else, be in sync with your true self. There is nothing wrong in being vocal about your desires. Remember, communication will keep misunderstandings at bay.

The April 2019 Libra Full Moon is a time to explore possibilities and not fear the results. Be prepared for the worst but hope for the best.

If you don’t take charge of your life, someone else will. So, make sure you are the one standing before the wheel on your life.

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