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How The Biggest Heartbreak Of Our Lives Leads Us To Our Greatest Love

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Heartbreak can be so painful that it can leave you feeling like an empty shell. The idea of falling in love again seems so beyond comprehension that you almost want to give up. But luckily there’s hope for you. The greatest love of your life could be just around the corner.

Painful Fact of Life. Shakespeare’s famous quote, “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all,” holds a lesson for us all. Heartbreak is painful fact of life, but one that we can learn from.

Heartbreak. All of us will experience it at least once in our life, but there’s always one that seems to hurt the most. It is a heart break that left us feeling gutted.

Devastated. It may have left us so devastated that we didn’t leave our homes for days. Friends had to pick us back up, remind us that there is life and happiness after all of this.

Recognize. We may have struggled to recognize ourselves, unsure of how we used to be. We have to relearn our own lives, fill in the missing pieces that were once filled by the person that hurt us.

Despair. It’s easy to feel discouraged at this point, pushed to the brink of despair. But there’s hope for us yet. It’s easy to feel like the person that caused us to feel the most pain is our biggest mistake–and in many ways it’s probably true.

Stronger. But that pain they caused you–that is at times sharp and excruciating–is making you stronger. It’s preparing you for a love that you never knew you could ever experience.

Lessons. It’ll take some time, but we’ll soon learn that this pain has taught us some incredibly important lessons. Yes, our biggest mistake has helped put us onto the road towards the love of our lives.

Try Again. Having our heart broken will teach us how to get back out there and try again. We’ve learned when to walk away, when to stand our ground, when to let go.

Never Settle for Less. The heartbreak taught us who we are and what our values are. It taught us what we’re looking for in a partner and to never, ever settle for less again.

Free to Love. We will understand that there’s nothing to change when it comes to the love of our life. There will be no walking on eggshells. We will finally be free to love.

Invaluable. The love of our life will view our broken pieces like we’ve been put back together with gold. They will know that we are invaluable. They won’t want to fix us, because they know that there’s nothing to fix.

Fall in Love. The love of our life will instead see those cracks and scars caused by our past mistake, and fall in love with them. They will help build us up and remind us how important we are.

Stand By Us. The love of our life will understand all that we’ve gone through, our good days and our bad. They will hold us through the rough times, and stand by us no matter what.

Appreciate. The love of our life will understand because they went through something similar. They appreciate us like we appreciate them and we’ll work every day to prove it.

Worth It. So yes, this pain and this mistake are all incredibly painful and can leave us feeling hopeless, but we must persevere. Because in the end the love of our life will be worth it.

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