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3 Affirmations That Kept The Light On Through My Darkest Times

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by Conscious Reminder

Throughout their lives, people can hit a lot of spiritual bottoms. Before finding the way to recover, their spiritual lives are completely imbalanced, so they are disabled to do some mysterious things such as holding their job or paying the rent.

However, the kind of spiritual tools which they apply during such periods keep developing as they unravel the rest of the social and emotional entanglements of the spiritual bottom, surrounding important relationships which dissolved at some time.

In different cases, those emotional patterns can be similar, while the pain will be so complete, making survival having the necessity of essential life shifts. And, in such cases, healing will come through developing a so-called spiritual fitness.

Then, they keep developing their spiritual toolkit; however, there are three affirmations which are effective, and they are:

1. Feeling their real feelings, which are their teachers, particularly their own tears.

Spiritual bypassing of feelings doesn’t exist. People’s grief is a vital part of this process in every bottom they experience. To cry and feel pain doesn’t take sincere responsibility and solitude, in order to encounter the things centrally to the brokenness of a person.

The grief of a person is his own responsibility. And, his or her crying, grief, or feelings are only theirs, because no other person may cry for them or feel something as they do. The healing which comes in this way is the gift people should receive or even offer to other people that need their strength, hope, and experience.

2. Practicing detachment from the expectations of others: detachments are behaviors.

Practicing detachment is about changing people’s behaviors. It will give them the chance to speak or grow toward fuller expressions of empowerment and authenticity. People will not be able to develop if they do not experience individuation.

However, detachment isn’t an attitude, but it is some kind of posture and behavior with plans of actions. Practicing detachment will help people stay on their side of the street, asking themselves hard and unfamiliar questions.

3. Becoming what they are thinking about.

After bottoms, depressions, and a lot of humiliations, this will be the mental framework which people will have to survive. A lot of them have heard the idea in various forms. Negative thoughts will attract some negative experiences, while positive ones will attract positive experiences.

Again and again, the negative mind state of people will consistently be confirmed and mirrored by their experiences. The thoughts of their mind which are dominating are inevitably going to yield their physical expression which is their equivalent.

So, they should utilize the tools such as meditation, prayer, and visualization every day, trying to reshape their thought life, and peeling the layers of their unconscious desires back, and bringing as possibly as they can into their community, as they are aware they cannot do that alone.

It would be really up to people to practice and apply spiritual fitness in their lives every day in order to grow and maintain their spheres of influences.

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