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Tonight Is The Strongest And Biggest Super Full Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

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The Super Full Moon happening on the 19th of February is going to fall in Virgo, an earth sign, and it will be the most potent Super Moon during this year.

In fact, Super Moons usually happen when our Moon gets closer to the planet Earth, so on the 19th of February, the Moon is going to be at the nearest point of all year.

So, we are going to have the ability to see this Super Full Moon shining bright and big in the night sky, and even feel all the energetic impacts and pulls off our Moon, vibrating deep in our souls.

The Super Moon of February is a powerful one because it occurs at zero degrees of the sign of Virgo.

So, zero is said to be the number related to limitless and potential opportunities. Zero signals that the upcoming Super Full Moon will really offer us infinite potential.

The Full Moon of February will help us become aware of the potential we have and even the one around us, opening us and broadening our horizons, or encouraging and motivating us to widely open our hearts and minds to something which will be beyond the current reality.

The Full Moon’s light will be quite strong, while its energy’s pull will be intense, which means that we are not going to be left with any other choice, and simply open up. Our lives’ contents will be exposed and release, and we will be free and cut open in order to be able to notice what brews inside.

The release and exposure may happen on body, spirit or mind level.

Mentally, this Super Full Moon will expose all we have to release. Although this is something typical for Full Moons in general, on this one, happening in Virgo, we will be encouraged and motivated to release repetitive thoughts, worries, over-thinking, and fears about our future.

In order to aid us to overcome this, our Universe will probably stir core fears and agitate beliefs, so it can help us with bringing exposure and awareness to them.  When we become more aware of the fear inside us, it will help us understand when our decisions are driven by it or even when it protects us in some way.

Sometimes, there is the possibility of fear being healthy, but in reasonable and considerable doses. However, a lot of people get over-driven by fear, and it keeps them stuck in lower vibrational state and repetitive patterns.

During the February Full Moon, we have to work harder on becoming conscious of our fears.

We have to acknowledge them. Sometimes, all we need to do becomes conscious of where we operate with our fear, so the rest is going to come.

Our Universe tells us to release our fears which hold us back and keep us to the earthly illusions. Opposite of our fear is something we ever wanted, something we dreamed of. We are not supposed to ignore our fears but challenge them. We should rise up to them because we are strong, and this Full Moon’s powers are going to help us in that.

The Full Moon is going to be focused on our health.

If we were not looking after ourselves, or if we ignored some of the lingering symptoms, taking action during the Full Moon will be quite important.

Another important thing is self-care; however, during the February Full Moon, paying attention and taking care of our physical bodies will also be important. A third important thing would be to practice self-love, and accept our bodies, despite everything, even when we face some disease or illness.

Our bodies represent the vessel which we use in order to carry the soul through our earthly journey. Our body’s shape and the state will be an excellent vessel for growth and lessons which our soul is supposed to do. We should honor our body, our perceived flaws, realizing that we are perfect.

We should permit the Moon’s light to shine brightly on our face so that we can soak up healing vibes from it. On the most profound soul level, the Full Moon will help us awaken the potential within. It will in opening us, so we will be able to see far beyond our beliefs, into the new reality.

Our life isn’t just what we can see, because the unseen world also exists. Opening to the energy of the Full Moon, and allowing it’s light to shine on our soul, we are going to have the ability to awaken the consciousness, seeing that life may actually be imagined or lived in details, vivid colors or magic.

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