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Yaybahar: The Space-Age-Sound-Making Acoustic Instrument

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by Conscious Reminder

Yaybahar is an instrument that produces space age sounds. Although. its inventor, Gorkem Sen, of Turkish origin, meant it to be more than just that.

One might think that it is a simple mp3 device but the whole system of the device is pretty complicated. What sets apart Yaybahar as a musical instrument is the fact that it caters to your entire body and not just your ears.

It sends vibrations to all parts of your body, completely on its own, without needing speakers or bass systems. 

It took Gorkem Sen about six year to develop this system. It is an acoustic system but it is designed in a way to give you a feeling of you being in a movie theatre, watching a science-fiction or a superhero movie. 

Sen, the Turkish musician and inventor recalls the six years that it took to make the Yaybahar as being pretty frustrating, because of how many revisions he had to make and there was not a day when he was completely satisfied with it until it came to be the model it is now.

Gorkem drew his inspiration from a number of instruments like the thunder drum, the didgeridoo and so on. Another unique feature of the Yaybahar is the fact that the Yaybahar does not make only eastern or western music but produces music that is a blend of both. 

The Yaybahar has become huge on the internet ever since it appeared for the first time because of how refreshingly unique it is.

Gorkem Sen has also shot into stardom, and is being invited to a lot of countries to showcase his invention and play music, and he has taken quite well to this sudden popularity and has been uploading videos of his performances everywhere on the internet- and not in vain. These videos have an immense demand on all social media platforms. 

That being said, Gorkem specifies that the experience that the Yaybahar will give you live is nowhere similar to what the videos will. 

The YayBahar is also available online. 

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