23 Strange Human Emotions Everybody Feels But Can’t Explain

by Conscious Reminder

What actually makes every one of us different is our ability to live with and handle our emotions.

Regarding the expression of certain emotions, people usually feel that it will be best not to show their emotions at all. That is their defensive response. Also, bringing their emotions out in the open will make them look vulnerable.

In fact, there will be times when they would express their emotions, but, they will not be sure what those emotions are.

For example, feeling nostalgic for an unreal place, or feeling vulnerable when we look into the eyes of someone, or that serene feeling at a time of thunderstorms while we stay warm and safe at our home. There is no word for such emotions.

One important thing is to understand our emotions and feelings. When we understand them, we can describe them better. However, when we are not sure of our feelings, people will misinterpret us easily as we will be confused when it comes to using the appropriate word for explaining the emotional condition. Not just they, but we will also misinterpret our feelings.

But, simply as our language does not have the right word for explaining a certain thing, it does not imply that there are other cultures which don’t have the term used for such emotional states.

In this article, we are going to present you the 23 strange emotions which have their name. They are quite difficult to explain too:

  1. Sonder: Being aware that passersby live their life just like we live our own, full of ambitions, problems, or passageways we never know. For them, we are only passersby too.
  2. Monachopsis: In fact, this feeling is delicate one, and it is when we fell out of our place or misfit.
  3. Enouement: We usually feel this feeling when we arrived in our future, and we saw how everything worked out. However, we feel like one part of us is still in our past.
  4. Nodus Tollens: We usually feel this when we discover that our life which we lived until now does not make sense anymore.
  5. Onism: Feeling frustrated when we get stuck in the body which is living just in one specific place, and it is able to do just one thing.
  6. Opia: Feeling vulnerable and invasive when we look in the eyes of someone.
  7. Anecdoche: This is a funny feeling when we talk with others, and they are willing to talk but they nobody wants to listen, and in the end, it results in overlaying of unconnected words.
  8. Kuebiko: This is a feeling which appears as a result of senseless violence around the world. We feel helpless because we just stand and watch.
  9. Exulansis: In fact, this is something we feel when we are about to give up while we try to tell our story to someone that is not able to relate with it.
  10. Andronitis: This is a frustrating feeling which we get when we need more time to get to know a person.
  11. Rückkehrunruhe: This is a feeling which we get when we come back home from some pleasant trip, and we realize we forget how it was. We will need to remind ourselves that it actually occurred.
  12. Rubatosis: This is a feeling which we get when we are aware of our heartbeat.
  13. Mauerbauertraurigkeit: We feel this at a time we have the need to repel others away from us regardless of the fact if they are family or close friends.
  14. Vemödalen: This is a frustrating feeling when we get upon taking some pictures of something fantastic or of a beautiful view, knowing that such pictures already exist in great numbers.
  15. Occhiolism: This is the feeling when we suddenly realize that our perspective is so small when compared with the world’s vastness.

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  1. Is there any way I could please, please, please edit the minor errors in this article for you? This was one of the best bits of writing I’ve seen this year but it was hard for the words to flow in my head as I read it. I would totally do it for free!


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