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23 Strange Human Emotions Everybody Feels But Can’t Explain

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

What actually makes every one of us different is our ability to live with and handle our emotions.

When it comes to expressing certain emotions, people usually feel that it is best not to show them at all. That is their defensive response. Also, expressing their emotions in public will make them appear vulnerable.

In fact, there will be times when they express their emotions, but they will not be sure what those emotions are.

For instance, we may experience feelings of nostalgia for a place that no longer exists, feel vulnerable when we gaze into someone’s eyes, or experience a serene feeling during a thunderstorm while staying warm and safe at home. There is no word for such emotions.

One important thing is to understand our emotions and feelings. When we understand them, we can describe them better. However, when we are uncertain about our feelings, people are likely to misinterpret us, as we may struggle to choose the right words to convey our emotional state. Not only will they misunderstand our emotions, but so will we.

However, just because our language lacks the appropriate term to describe something doesn’t mean that other cultures don’t have a term for similar emotional states.

In this article, we are going to present you with the 23 strange emotions that have their own names. They are quite difficult to explain, too.

• Sonder: It is important to be aware that passersby live their lives just like us, full of ambitions, problems, or passageways we never know. For them, we are only passersby too.

• Monachopsis: In fact, this feeling is delicate, and it occurs when we fall out of our place or are misfit.

• Enouement: We usually feel this feeling when we arrive at our future, and we see how everything works out. However, we feel like one part of us is still in our past.

• Nodus Tollens: We usually feel this when we discover that our life, which we lived until now, does not make sense anymore.

• Onism: Feeling frustrated when we get stuck in the body, which is living just in one specific place, and it is able to do just one thing.

• Opia: Feeling vulnerable and intrusive when we look into someone’s eyes.

• Anecdoche: This is a funny feeling when we talk with others who are willing to talk but nobody wants to listen, and in the end, it results in the overlaying of unconnected words.

• Kuebiko: This is a feeling that appears as a result of senseless violence around the world. We feel helpless because we just stand and watch.

• Exulansis: In fact, we experience this feeling when we are on the verge of giving up while attempting to share our story with someone who cannot relate to it.

• Andronitis: This is a frustrating feeling when we need more time to get to know a person.

• Rückkehrunruhe: This is a feeling we get when we come back home from a pleasant trip and realize we forgot how it was. We will need to remind ourselves that it actually occurred.

• Rubatosis: This is a feeling that we get when we are aware of our heartbeat.

• Mauerbauertraurigkeit: We feel this at a time when we have the need to repel others away from us, regardless of whether they are family or close friends.

• Vemödalen: This is a frustrating feeling when we get to take some pictures of something fantastic or of a beautiful view, knowing that such pictures already exist in great numbers.

• Occhiolism: This is the feeling when we suddenly realize that our perspective is so small when compared with the world’s vastness.

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Ky February 17, 2019 - 8:50 am

Is there any way I could please, please, please edit the minor errors in this article for you? This was one of the best bits of writing I’ve seen this year but it was hard for the words to flow in my head as I read it. I would totally do it for free!


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